Oct 31 2017

How To instantly improve the quality of your life.

Do you want to instantly improve the quality of your life? While attaining leaf eof mind?

Lock your phone up for an hour a day, then move up to two. Drive with it in the arm rest counsel, just enjoy an hour or too during the waking day void of technology.

If you have real hobbies and interests, it’s not hard to do.

I mean just go outside without it, sit In the sun, do some outdoor work, go for a long walk, run, bike, kayak

Without technology.

Wean yourself off that nipple

Stop scrolling down and looking at other people’s lives.

Get involved and live your own

Oct 30 2017

Life Lessons: The Fatal Financial Trap.

The best balance to carry on a credit card, these cards, ruin some people, they almost ruined me back in 2007.

Notice how they call it check spending power, smh, translated, it really means useless debt.

Know how to play the game with these cards, if you can’t, cut them up before it’s too late

Oct 29 2017

Be Kind.

Popped in the gym yesterday morning to meet a new student, and this older gentleman I’ve been letting come in on Saturdays pulled me aside as I was walking out and sincerely thanked me for letting him train here, he said he’s finally got his life back.

You never know what people are fighting, and you can help people in more ways than you’ll ever know.

I dig it.

Be kind

Oct 27 2017

Profound Lesson: Fail To Succeed.