To Teach, First Understand The Student.

Jumped in the ring last night frustrated cause one of my fighters wasn’t maximizing his jab and movement.
I worked a round against a pro, not full out sparring but working and SHOWED him how to PUMP the jab behind lateral movement.

My point is, that’s what he needed to see he said, it clicked, not me explaining it to him with mitt work, or stopping the sparring and explaining it.

But me doing it and him SEEING it.

I’m not slow and got the point and lesson across, with the double and triple jabs and left hooks off that thrown.

A lesson was also taught to me, I can’t get frustrated and think the fighter isn’t listening or remembering. More so, I need to teach in the way THEY learn better.

As the late Stephen Covey said. “Seek first to understand, then to be understood”.

That’s teaching.

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