May 22 2016

Being A Fighter.

Being a fighter, you are really up when you win. Everyone is there, excited, wanting to be around you. I signed a few fight posters for people I didn’t know, but watched me fight that night, one time, the owner of the casino in Verona NY told me and my then trainer, my fight was the fight of the night, true story, he was a native American, he told me he enjoyed watching me fight.

Losing can be wretched, you feel like you left everyone down.
I lost a fight once ans was embarrassed to go outside and walk around, I was a trainer at Bally ‘ s fitness then, and though everyone was looking at me because I lost.

Being a fighter, the punishment continues after the fight, outside the ring. It’s tough. You never want to let anyone down, more so, yourself.
I have been so utterly disappointed with myself in Amis of tears, privately, alone, going over what went wrong.

You can be so high, then low.
And there is the spector, whom, can dish the harshest criticism, lacking the balls to ever get into that ring.

Being a fighter has aided me more ways than one in life, it has helped me rise from extreme failure, really from the ashes, to be better than ever.
Being a fighter has also taught me mote about myself than anyrhi ng else ever could.

I did the best I could then, but could have done a lot more as I look back, and that there allows me and pushes me to overachieve and be far better now, exceed, drive harder now.

It all comes full circle.

May 13 2016

How To Build Fight Lasting Power Reserves.

Mike Goins performing lactic power intervals tonight. The med ball throws are done with max intensity for 20-40’s with a 1-3 minute rest. 3 reps are done in series with 3-4 series per workout. We use an 8 min active rest of shadow boxing, or light jog.

These intervals are done to increase how much power your lactic system can produce. Lactic power is vital in high energy paced phases of the fight(the back and forth war), trying to put away an opponent that won’t go etc.

I learned this from Joel Jamieson’s excellent work.

You gotta get better as a coach if you want your fighters to get better.

Learn the science and apply the science to take your fighter’s perfomance to new improved heights.

Old school with new school.

Click here For more boxing power endurance workout tips!

May 10 2016

Canelo-Khan After Thoughts.


What a shot! Throw a low lazy jab and keep that left low and this is what happens. Canelo didn’t need to time him, he saw Khan’s pattern and waited for this opening.

You know, it’s not just that Khan gets knocked out. It’s how he’s knocked out, the way it looks and how his body reacts, particularly the Garcia KO.

Last night he was OUT, lying there, respect for Canelo for immediately kneeling down close to him, ( while fans we jeering him, and losers on FB posting mock memes of Khan) as it was equally startling the way he went down hard to the one who laid the hands, the concern from the sheer brutality of it, provoked Canelo’s sincere act of kindness/concern.

If I’m close to Amir, he has a farewell fight in England and that’s it, because, once he’s touched hard he falls hard and may never wake up again, if it happens again.
He made A LOT of money last night.

The end….

GGG vs Canelo will happen sooner than later. The time is right and the perfect set up fight for it was last night, Golden Boy knew Canelo would ice Khan, and Khan brought the name for that inevitable outcome.

The coals are now red hot as is the market value for this fight. Everyone involved WILL get paid VERY well far beyond than if this fight doesn’t happen.

I like Canelo but when he yelled something in Spanish that was then translated in English to “I’m Mexican, we don’t fuck around!” in regards to inviting GGG in the ring I can’t help but notice his fucking around with catch weights and demanding the middleweight kingpin to meet him and defend HIS legitimate world title at one.
Do you really think Salvador Sanchez, Chavez, Marquez, Morales, Barrera, would ever do such a cowardly act if they were in Canelo’s shoes???

Canelo Alvarez, the light heavyweight middleweight catch weight champion of the world.

May 7 2016

The Rarest Thing In Boxing Today, Fight Sports Period.

Watching Canelo – Khan 24/7 and I dig what Canelo’s trainer said in relation to Canelo’s maturation as a fighter.

“He’s a fighter who’s grown and we’ve grown along with him”

Hell yeah, that is what it’s about.

Canelo could leave his crew and go with a big name trainer and thay shit is SO ridiculous.

I will say this about Canelo, he had been VERY loyal to his trainer and team.

They have Been growing together, each learning gaining experience.

You know, like Emmanuel Steward and Tommy Hearns did. Emmanuel was once a young unknown until Tommy Hearns exploded on the scene along with his work with Hilmer Kenty.

Big names were once no names who learned on the job as well, paying their dues, growing with a fighter until they blossom into super stardom then doors open for them.

It all starts some where, and chemistry is key.

No big name trainer can trump that.

Chemistry, roots, and truly knowing the fighter.

That’s what rally matters in the camp and corner of tooth and nail fights.

The name doesn’t pull the fighter through that.

The experience and time put in with the fighter does.

The roots grown with them.

That’s the truth in an era of hype and BS.