Nov 23 2015

Canelo-Cotto Afterthoughts.

Here are a few of my musings about this past weekends fight.

* Round one of Canelo – Cotto had more action than the whole Pacquaio-Mayweather fight.

** Boxing is a lot of smoke ans mirrors today, that was not the case in golden era of boxing where what was, was really it.
Canelo has gotten away with fighting in spurts, taking rounds off, and putting himself in lulls from his struggle to make junior middleweight which last night wasn’t of course.

His physical superiority over the smaller fighters allow him to make up for this.

When he faces GGG.

The physical advantages are over.

The pace GGG will set alone will crush Canelo.

Canelo is a lazy fighter. He doesn’t fight a whole 3 minutes, from cutting weight he has perfected how to fight a 12 round fight, along with how to maximize the round in activity.
James Toney used to fight in spurts like that from making weight.
Smoke and mirrors.

Canelo the middle champion of the world.

Let’s see how he can handle the division where he really belongs, let’s see what he’s really made of and about on equal grounds.

*** If Cotto had more ass behind his punches, the volume was perfect, it would have been a totally different fight, this is how GGG will destroy Canelo, GGG will sink his teeth in his ass, plain and simple, because the physical advantages that allow Canelo to fight in spurts will be over with GGG.

**** Canelo Alvarez. The catch weight champion of the world, winning a middleweight title at a catch weight then demanding the real kingpin of the middleweight division who has it locked down, GGG, to come down to a catch weight of 155lbs for all the middleweight marbles.

The hell is that shit?! Smh…..

Boxing today.

And that sums it all up for me.

I want to hear your comments….