Sep 8 2015

This WILL Make or Break You………..

Recovery that is.

Recovery should be the first thing planned into ANY program. Think parasympathetic activities ( stretching, rocking, rolling, crawling,, walking meditation, ice baths, etc..

Lack of recovery will send you to a catabolic hard crash, to the point it can take weeks even months to fully recover from. Whereas planning it will allow you to rebound nice, come back fresh, kicking ass, breaking PR’s.

Use a Hi/Low model of planning your weekly training. Max effort lift Monday,or sprints, Tempo runs or cycling on Tuesday, (Low)

Anything activity above 75% max intensity is considered a high cnc training stressor. That is your gauge in planning your workouts.

You get better when you recover, so, recover/regenerate, don’t pan to simply destroy…

Please comment with any questions.

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Sep 4 2015

Beyond Crunches, Try This Core Rotation Exercise.

In striking arts, power comes from rotation. A strong pillar, and no, I’m not using buzz words here, pillar is a very fitting term as it ties the upper and lower extremities together and movement originate from the core outward.

Possessing a weak core leaves behind a ton of power and performance potential.

There are a myriad of rotational exercises to develop rotational core strength, then, power.

Here is a unique and challenging one for you to try.

Comment with any feedback you may have after trying it.