Jun 23 2015

Where and How To Develop Long Lasting Strength.

In my life I have tasted defeat in several areas but always bounced back stronger and smarter from them because I took them for what they were, lessons, was I heartbroken and mindlessly discouraged at first? Yes!
But there is something that has developed inner strength in me, preserveance, GRIT, and the ability to ENDURE.
Boxing. Not juse a month of classs either.
For many years training and competing, and still training and competing WITH myself.
I have been coached for years. I have been taught how to belive in myself because that’s where success flows from.
This is why I don’t pay a life coach to tell me I can do it, or need feel comfortable opening up to people about issues I may be dealing.
I have learned to resolve them myself with some guidance from somebody experienced in what I’m dealing with of course when needed.
I see people talking about being tough, liking it because it feels good, talking about what it takes, easy to say and much harder to do.

I see people paying others for a week end or week of toughing up, to be strong, all about making $$, people misled.
Learn a martial art to develop this.

Nothing comes fast or easy, the compound effect is true in everything, what is EARNED lasts.
Boxing, judo, BJJ wrestling, Muay Thai, all develop LEGIT inner strength and confidence.
Good gyms and instructors anyway.

If you are gonna pay someone to build you up, pay one of these martial artist instructors.
What you learn IN time is invaluable.
There is not always strength in numbers.

One must know how to go within for strength and guidance, all we need to know is within, all the great teachers in history became enlightened from this.
That’s why one can read all they want, pay a biz coach, have all these coaches and SO what? That means shit if they don’t believe.

What boxing has taught me, and what other martial arts can, helped me more than paying any biz coach could, because I went within for what I really needed to do and did it, because I was the one who had to do it.

Actions actions actions.

Learn to depend and believe in yourself. Learn to go within, how to be silent, those go hand in hand, or where the door exists, save your money and develop a real identity and strength.

Jun 9 2015

The Real Teachers.

Daman debut then.

7yr old Daman Rodriguez. He turns 8 in August and will make his amateur He barely understands English, I asked him how much he weighs, he told me 2lbs!

I told him to come with me in my office and had him jump on the scale. I showed him the 54lbs he weighs.

It’s a challenge training these young kids, it takes time to instill a foundation, and acute coaching skills to make them good.

One of my goals is to train a National Silver Gloves champion, just for a coaching challenge on someone this young, the coaching skill set is different.

You see these mainstream trainers today who have trained 10, 15, 20, world champions but they did not take them from scratch or do the real work of instilling a base of skill, the basics.

That’s the hard work. It’s not that hard to make an experienced pro better, improve something on them, the hard work with them was already done by someone else who was dumped for a so called more experienced trainer who more than not made his resume off of training already accomplished fighters, training them for a fight or too and winning a world title, bam, there is there world champion. They collect a resume like that. Some train a fighter for one fight there is their world champion, then another fighter comes along for a few fights, seeking the flavor of the month hot trainer, bam there is their other world champion.

Again, all the real work was done by someone else, the monotonous ingraining of the basics, the patience to do that, taking someone raw and unproven and taking a chance and putting time into them molding them into someone, a silver glove, golden glove, and national champion, then contender then they are told to leave for a more experienced trainer who has poached made talent already.

Few pro trainers took a kid from the amateurs winning everything there to a world title in the pros.

A trainer who has one world champion like that is better than someone who has 20 world champions with already made fighters.

Jun 4 2015

One Of The Best Things To Have Happened To Me In My Life.

Felt great to be back at Westside Barbell after 2 weeks away. Westside has been a huge part of my life since I started training there back in July 2008.

Many have been kicked out and told to leave.

I have never taken training there and being part of it lightly, nor Louie trusting my training experience with selling my dvds on the Westside site.

A lot of people have nothing in their lives in spite of having materialistic things, an emptiness, of never being part of something and evolving from it.

This gym had been a major impact on my life in many ways, those that know me, have seen it over the years, it will always be one of the best things to have happened to me in my life.

And I got this for free, not paying to be part of a frat and paying a hyped up Internet coach for a full of shit week experience, what is really gained there? You pay for that hype experience.

Living it everyday with others who do is really attaining it.

You grow with others and bond with them day in and out, not in a paid for event or week, paying someone to tell you you are somebody.

Are you serious?!

How about earning that right by really doing something, or training someone that does?

You train with real lifters here, mma fighters, freaks, beginners and a genius coach that made it all happen and changed strength training, advancing it. He doesn’t charge for phone calls and for visits and hold nothing back, yet others who ripped his work off charging $250 + for calls.

Hmmmmm. To that bullshit.

No, it wasn’t for free, I have put in work here over the years. 420lb raw bench, since last I checked….bigger stronger every year, and produced with my fighters using the methodology, nothing is for free here you earn the right to be here with what you do and bring to Westside, as it should be.

Better this than fake it and pay an internet coach to blow smoke up your ass giving you a certificate and deeming you someone because you paid them to tell you so, now go boy, you have finally become a man because you gave me 5k to tell you so! Lmao