May 18 2015

Weekend Wrap Up: Two Elite Treats.

What’s there to hate about Gennady Golovkin?? Dude carries fighters to lure a big fight.
GGG vs Canelo even money fight?

Stop it! GTFOH .

GGG crushes Canelo, beating the freckles off of him.

Cotto gets it too.

Stop mentioning Ward. Acting like he has been fighting and looking good. Dudes been on the shelf collecting dust.

Like it or not GGG is the truth.

What is there not to like and be very impressed with in Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez

I loved how he honored fellow Nicaraguan the all time great Alexis “The Explosive Thin Man” Arguello.

Getting up like he used to at 4am to put in work.

Fighting for his country. No social media creation. Not for Instagram and Facebook likes as the modern fighters do.

Yes he HAS been around, in the Flyweight division where this exposure under GGG has long been overdue and most welcomed.

Boxing needs fighters like Roman.
Roman is well schooled, hard, hungry, old school in prep and mindset. He lets his greatness speak for itself in the ring.

He didn’t ice a bum last night either.

Some of the most exciting and deserving fighters continue to come from small weight classes.

Roman is P4P elite. He belongs up there near the top and will continue to show why.

May 15 2015

Boxing Training Tips: How To Ingrain Skill


I always start young kids or any age student on defensive drills such as parrying here before getting in the ring.
It teaches technique in a controlled setting, no sloppy over excited punches that program garbage technique in the cns.
Keep in mind, all these movements are creating new wiring in the brain, engrams to put it correctly, which are stored movement patterns in the brain.

The students can learn defensive skills in a non threatening controlled setting, creating skill, solid clean motor engrams.
Then when it comes time to spar they aren’t freaked out with punches coming at them. And they will have a skill set developed both offensively and defensively to display in clean sparring sessions. Preventing sparring from looking like sloppy wild tough man type sparring.
Every movement in the gym is being stored in the CNS, the repetitions must be good as it takes over 7000 repetitions to correct a faulty pattern and instill a new motor engram, which as we know it is great looking crisp technique.
This is just how we do it in our gym, I’m not saying I’m right I’m explaining the rationale on why we do what we do and what we are doing exactly does.

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