Mar 23 2015

One Of The Reasons Commerial Gyms Suck.

I was raised to respect elders and I generally do, however….
I was in the steam room at the ymca yesterday and I purchased a membership strictly for that steam room because it gets wicked hot in there once you pour water on the thermostat.
You GO in the steam room to sweat right? Right???
Now every so often once I get that mutherfucker hot and cooking to the point you can’t see your hand because of the steam somebody cries and complains about it.
I lose it.

This older dude was in their yesterday sitting back reading his paper, and I get that steam room hot.

He cries to me it’s too hot, I said we are in here to sweat, you wanna relax and read your paper take your ass to Starbucks with it. What the hell you coming in here for in the first place??
He didn’t say anything back. I wasn’t being rude just honest.

I hate that shit about commercial gyms, people reading books and papers on cardio equipment and in the steam room going through the motions, distracting themselves while they are there, because being there is enough in their mind, they can’t be called lazy, they are in the gym, but they obviously don’t workout like they should, the typical person who looks the same a year or two later….

TV’s, book stands on the cardio equipment, people taking up benches just taking away, that should all be band in gyms.
Put a notice on the entrance, NOTICE… This is not a Starbucks or library, check yourself at the door, only enter if you come correct, because surely in time you will leave correct with distraction free work you put in.

That is all.