Feb 19 2015

One Of The Best Heavyweights Never To Be Champion.


One of the best that is often mistakenly forgotten in the STACKED golden era of heavyweights the 70’s was.

Watch for yourself…

Feb 16 2015

How The Student Becomes The Teacher.


This is what it is all about. Pacquiao & Roach have been working together for 14 years since 2001!

That’s a relationship, that’s synergy, trust, and extremely rare today.

De LA Hoya had several trainers throughout his career, and came with the same script before each fight… Oh this has been my best camp ever so and so has taught me so much, how he would say that behind that fake it to make that BIG $$ smile.

Oscar never really developed his own style due to this turnstile of trainers throughout his carreer.

Cotto had yes men too.

Freddie Roach told me nobody ever taught De LA Hoya or Cotto how to cut off the ring.

Yes men don’t do that, they shout and clap and are just glad they are there for the misleading notoriety and $$$.

Pacquiao was elated to find the teacher in Roach and Roach elated the same to find the student with work ethic and character in Pacquiao.

Freddie totally Re tooled Manny though their time together.

A fine work of art.

Coaches are envious of this dynamic they both share and should be because it is rare today as some fighters think they can train themselves and make themselves appear far more bigger than they actually are using and posting on social media.

But this right here, this is what it is about in a trainer/fighter relationship.

The student also teaches the teacher with the teacher equally growing from that as the fighter grows from the trainer’s teaching.

Synergy and trust flowing from both = greatness.

Feb 6 2015

Boxing Training Tips: The Evolution & Now Bastardization of The Punch Mitts.

Often it’s the student giving the trainer a better workout on the punch mitts than the trainer claims to deliver to the student. That’s a problem. When the student is taught to punch through the target with sound balance, leverage, distance, and technique, this workout will far surpass and elicit a metabolic disturbance than any slap happy pitty pat workout ever could.

Feb 3 2015

Offensive Film Study: “Terrible” Terry Norris.

Terry Norris would come to see you. Look who his trainer was, Abel Sanchez, Gennady Golovkin’s trainer. What a coincidence it is not that both fighters possessed and possess lethal power.

Terry lived by the sword and died by it. Very fast destructive hands, he would lay over, under, and around in his smooth combinations. I liked how and where he used his deadly uppercut in his combinations.

He could box when in the mood as well.

But Terry is best remembered for the violence he inflicted in the ring on his opponents. Terry was the theater of the unexpected.

Watching this clip makes you want to smoke a heavy bag. Don’t watch this in a crowded coffee house because you may just get up and start throwing bombs clearing it out.


Terry Norris Highlight by Iceveins from Rockah on Vimeo.