Are Power Punchers Born, Or Can They Be Created?

Is punching power god given or can it be developed? God given is another phrase for genetically inclined.

Teddy Atlas recently said on ESPN 2 telecast in reference to Barry Hunter whom by the way works with real fighters everyday unlike Atlas who sits behind a mic and has well lost touch with reality and his touch with training fighters hence why nobody will hire his ass went on to state you can’t teach power or develop it in a fighter when Hunter’s goal going into that ESPN 2 show was Austin Trout displaying it, that which they have worked on in the gym.

Granted if one is more slow twitch dominated than fast twitch that will limit their power production, it is foolish to think anything is such a closed case with an athlete, and fighters are athletes and performance can be improved within them with science combined in practical workouts that strengthen the fighters weakness that can produce more punching power.

What produces power? The what the hell just happened punch that was landed? Speed yes, and that cannot be improved? Force behind that speed so that cannot be improved? It’s about the RFD (rate of force development) that’s where the science comes in AND where skill coaches who are not educated with it fail to see the Forrest from the trees with development, hence their short sited thoughts.

Also keep in mind, Charley Goldman produced the wrecking ball, power punching, shattering elbows, shoulders, and wrists when he banged on them dynamo Rocky Marciano was with a shoe lace teaching him ideal punching stance and balance!

Both skill and GPP development go hand in hand in developing bone shattering power. And one more thing that is over looked that fuels it like gasoline poured on fire, attitude.
Michael Moore when he was a destructive juggernaut light heavyweight WBO champion at 12 fights! Would lock himself in a dark room and watch violent movies, feeding his insanity and thoughts of destruction in the ring, Tyson had his own personal demons that fueled it, Sonny Liston his own nasty attitude that rubbed of on Foreman, Gerald “The G Man” McClellan a killer when he ripped that left hook to the body and had you hurt had it too.

It can be developed, perhaps not mimicked to resemble Gennady Golovkin’s whom by the way Freddie Roach told me has the best balance he has seen in a while and excellent ring generalship, but it can be improved.

What develops it though and to what extent is SPP, GPP training, attitude, and what will limit it to how much, genetic make up of slow twitch to fast twitch fibers, hence where punches are born.

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