Dec 29 2014

SEVENTH Annual Pilger-Cosgrove Boxing Awards.


Fighter of the year
1) Terence Crawford
2) Sergey Kovalev
3) Miguel Cotto

Fight of the year
1) Crawford – Gamboa
2) Froch-Groves 2
3) Matthyse – Molina

Round of the Year
1) Lemieux-Rosado round 4
2) Froch-Groves round 8
3) Stiverne – Arreola round 6

Upset of the year
1) Sam Soliman-Felix Sturm
2) Algieri – Provodnikov
3) Lee – Korobov
4) Tommy Karpency-Chad Dawson

KO of the year ( I mean the devastating type of ko – not just a meaningful win)
1) Golovkin – Geale
2) Froch – Groves
3) Stevenson – Sukhotsky

Trainer of the Year
1) Freddie Roach

Referee of the Year
1) Tony Weeks
2) Steve Smoger Both let the fighters fight and you rarely notice hey are there.

Guy Rob hates award
2) Kenny “Bought & Paid For” Bayless.

Guy who hates Rob award
1) Enzo Calzaghe for the seventh straight year.

Fuck Enzo! lol

Special Award
Anthony Dirrell. Comes back from cancer (in 2008) and wins a world title this year.

Dec 27 2014

Boxing Film Study: Mike Tyson

Dec 22 2014

Boxing Endurance Training Tip-HICT Versaclimber Workout.

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Dec 18 2014

The Most Underated Heavyweight Champion Ever.

How and who do you think Mike Tyson modeled and honed his icy and lethal intimidation from? His aura of destruction?

Who did the young George Foreman mimic his viscous punching power, fierce scowl, and unforgiving nasty ring presence after from their countless rounds of sparring each other?

The most forgotten, underrated, underappreciated, misunderstood, cold blooded, hardest punching heavyweight who killed and chilled with his looks, having opponents beat once they climbed the steps of the ring where they entered their fate…. Sonny Charles Liston.

Sonny knocks Rocky Marciano’s ass out COLD mowing through him. Liston tames and stops Joe Frazier in a head on collision!

The media painted and portrayed Liston as an angry, impressionable brute where to those who really knew him, knew the truth, WAS human and a good man, he just came and saw you come fight night with nothing but destruction on his mind, thinking fuck the pleasantries.

Sonny Liston may have been slow with hand and foot, but he had that touch of sleep what the hell just happened power fueled by his menacing attitude that made him a force to be reckoned with. Ask former world heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson who Liston iced quickly twice.