Nov 11 2014

How To Evolve As A Coach & Trainer.

I just spent the last two days learning from coaches who have been in the trenches training athletes for years. I cannot express enough how much I enjoy and appreciate that rich truth of training. These coaches were not info marketers wearing the mask of coaches, their personal stories of their coaching journey/evolution and lessons learned/mistakes made along the way was genuine, what I resonate with, because it is the truth, some gurus portray themselves as gods, as if they have never made mistakes, and are immune to them, above them.

One presenter who’s real world experience is vast compared to today’s internet only coaches talk about working on his FIRST book, yet there are school teachers and people who have worked jobs in a cubicle for years writing books on the secrets of training. Who have no case histories nor the integrity to collect data/results in the gym for several years to display concrete proof before writing about it or creating a product, so they regurgitate methodology, repackage it and sell it.

I have recently deleted such coaches from my friends list for lack of professional respect. You have gym owners who have no clue about training, who don’t go to seminars, don’t care too, yet front as coaches and being professional. Giving shake and bake, cut & paste program design

Reading books is one thing, but to speak with the authors of some and ask them questions is another, to speak with presenters and pick their brains more after the lecture is gold.

I value the strength/conditioning friends I enjoy talking and am good friends with because they are just as proactive and discuss what they are doing with what they have learned at a conference, seminar, or book in the gym, their goals of athletic development, creating champions and who suggest courses, conferences, and books to me as well.

You become like those who you surround yourself with, seek the real coaches, learn from their real life lessons, their humility of the process, let the suckers who are born every minute deal with the info marketers whom have never created any successful sustained proof of their competence training athletes, yet who claim to possess the secrets of training. LOL………

Nov 6 2014

Boxing Conditioning Tip: Alactic Capacity Workout.



An explosive fighter is a constant threat, able to end matters with just one punch, but fight ending power is one thing, the more meaningful factor is how long can it be carried and displayed? To take it with you in the deep rounds of a fight you must increase the capacity to store more ATP your muscles need for laying explosive fight ending hands.

This is why developing the alactic energy system is vital to produce and fuel repeated burst of power.

Here Dave is performing Alactic Capacity Intervals which I learned from Joel Jamieson’s work with the Wheel Brawler 2.

We want Dave to posses power in the 3rd like he does in the first. Keep in mind having developed an aerobic base will allow for quicker removal of Alactic fatigue by products and thus much faster refueling of the Alactic system to keep displaying power while not feeling punched out.

Also keep in mind increasing your Alactic capacity gives you the potential to display repeated power, what I mean by potential is, this potential comes to life with honed footwork/punching technique and the ability of your muscles to relax then contract, and proper deep breathing to remain relaxed while not tense which burns you out.

Here Dave used two loads, 5 sets of heavier resistance for a duration of 15 seconds maintaining maximal effort through the sprint/push using incomplete rest intervals of 25 seconds.

These are brutal. In the last 5 sets I reduced the load so he could keep maximal intensity for 10 seconds with incomplete rest intervals of 20 sec.

We did 10 reps/trips and only one set, depending on the round duration of the fight 1-3 sets can be used.

We are building the capacity for Dave to display power for all three rounds. All it takes is one good shot to change or end a fight. Alactic capacity intervals will ensure you have the ability to do that all fight long.