In The Gym, There Are Always Lessons.

Some coaches are hesitate to write articles or create products because they feel much has already been said or so and so produced it.

I disagree with this because what goes on in our gyms can be documented daily into articles or even products and if you are having a lot of success with your athletes people will want to know why and how. What are you doing different with the science and methodologies you use in your facility?

For instance when I was at Results Fitness I was asked a lot of real world scenario questions and I loved that.
For example what do you do in this situation when you client comes to the gym feeling like this? What workouts do you have in place for them to do instead? How do you progress a client through this exercise is this is happening? What should I do if the client has been experiencing this from this program or exercise, or they expect this workout or style of training.

In the real world humans are emotional complex at times creatures plenty to share and discuss how you work with them on what, when, why, and where in their training and life period.

Fuck theory, all the great text books are there for that. What needs to be put out there are training systems/ scenarios that deal with different situations that coaches who own facilities and train people deal with, how they handle it daily, why their training systems work, how they have been achieving this or that with detailed case histories instead of a pic of someone with a brief blurblurb under it.

Or another rehashed twisted just a little bit product that hasn’t a long list of case histories behind it.

Those of us who own facilities know there is never a dull day. Plenty to share.

There is plenty to write about when you write about actually working with people since every person is different as is each day.

We should be learning daily in our gyms. I know I do with the different students and needs I work with and address.

Personally I always love to read about what coaches do in their facilities instead of theory and stuff some coaches write about and make up doing.

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