Oct 31 2014

Boxing Conditioning Workout. HICT Endurance Training.


Great HICT workout this morning. (High Intensity Continuous Training)

This is our version of a tred sled. Louie Simmons created the non motorized tred sled, which is used regularly at Westside Barbell, treadmills can work too.

This treadmill is on a 2 grade incline and is obviously shut off, to work it must be.

As you can see I have mini bands choked around a 120lb dumbbell and I’m wearing 10lb ankle weights on each ankle with a 80lb weight vest. Bulgarian bags work well too for external resistance.

Simply walk by driving the belt with your feet.

This is extremely challenging.

I got HICT from Joel Jamieson’s book Ultimate MMA Conditioning. Over the past year I have had a massive paradigm shift on aerobic training in my gym and my own training.

HICT is one his 8 methods that effectively improves the aerobic system and power of it.

This method works very well because it combines high intensity with high volume. You cant get this from any other method. Using maximal resistance recruits the fast twitch fibers with the slow movement which allows for the increased volume improving their endurance capability. So this method improves the endurance of your fast twitch fibers which then increases their ability to produce ATP (fuel) much longer before tapping out.

I did 2 sets of 20 minutes each this morning with a 5 minute rest between sets and an average HR of 163bpm. You can use active rests core or accessory work. That’s training economy there as well.

Beginners depending on their preparedness/fitness level can start with 7 minutes but ultimately working up to between 10-20 minutes. Keeping your heart rate between 150 and the 160bpm under your anaerobic threshold. For 2-3 sets. With rest of 5-10 minutes.

Other tools such as bikes/elipticals with resistance, box step up, walking lunges etc work well too.

I’m looking into a versaclimber for our gym. That will come in handy in frigid winter temperatures. As does this homemade tred sled.

I feel great about the conditioning I have built. Using this intense method gets you in wicked shape. You ARE in shape to be able to perform 2-3 sets. My clothes were DRENCHED with big puddles of sweat. You do work!

Give it a try.

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Thank you.

Oct 28 2014

Mastering Mindfulness.

We have been living in the distraction age and it gets worse as technology continues to expand removing the human experience from humans with its continued climb.

I just caught myself with this when searching for a new phone, I became perplexed on what phone offered more and why. But then came back to what is a phone for? Talking of course and the convenience of texts, but texting has created a different language of its own, emotionless communication.. Why do I care for all these other apps then? Games and bullshit like that?

For my business the features on a phone I do need are a camera to record and take photos, and a gps, for the traveling we do.

As far as data, more is not better because it’s more destruction, playing on hour phone, when walking, talking with others and yes even driving.

More data = more distraction.

So to combat that I signed up for the Verizon loyalty plan, only 2 g’s of data but that is more than a enough. Outside of calls and texts the phone stays out of my hand outside the gym when I’m not recording or taking photos.

I’m combating distraction with being present more. I have read a lot of books about this over the years but after reading 10% Happier, it was really driven in to me.

Before reading that book I was driving more with the radio off just paying attention more, looking at the scenery etc…

I like how the book teaches how to practice mindfulness throughout the day.

I have a book with me everywhere I got so when stopped in traffic I would read or when waiting in line at the bmv etc.

Sure that is learning or reading for pleasure but still distraction. As the books teaches, instead take time to breathe and focus on it, when walking feel your steps and breath.

Weird you may be thinking? Glued to your phone, wearing headphones all the time with garbage being blasted through your ears distracting you eves more is fucked up.

We all do it at times.

There is a war now to combat this technological age of distraction to being even more mindful, present, centered.

With thinking crisper, sharper, and more focused on what’s really important flowing from that.

Basically as I was taught, don’t zone out, but practice more on zoning in. Your quality of life will greatly improve.

Oct 21 2014

Lifestyle-Health-Vitality-Workout Tip.

You know it’s been 2 months now since I have eliminated my afternoon coffee and my cravings for it period have ceased.

I drink several cups of organic coffee in the morning and that’s it but what really pleases me is that I don’t need anymore after my last cup where before I would keep going.

I would always have a cup of coffee near me in the afternoon, and this caused me to be in a severe sympathetic dominate state. I would feel tight and stiff all the time, I have ceased foam rolling a lot (I will still use it on determined need) with rocking, rolling, and crawling movements, moving more period.

This has me feeling SO much better. I’m more fluid in movement and clear in mind from adding these movement patterns and kicking afternoon excessive (5-7 cups) of coffee. My core is firing harder and is more developed from the decreased cortisol levels

I used to foam roll everyday during the week. Because I was in that severe catabolic sympathetic dominant state from excessive coffee intake, which impaired my quality of sleep, which impaired my hormonal recovery, my physcogenic recovery, which had me feeling tired a lot, feeling burned out which made me feel quality and that made me feel even worse, cloudiness of mind and procrastination present, while moving stiff and tight.

There are people on medication for these very symptoms! Medication scratches the itch. Lifestyle changes are permanent.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is very true.

So what can you change or eliminate to move you forward faster?

It all flows from lifestyle habits.

Feeling is believing….

Oct 15 2014

In The Gym, There Are Always Lessons.

Some coaches are hesitate to write articles or create products because they feel much has already been said or so and so produced it.

I disagree with this because what goes on in our gyms can be documented daily into articles or even products and if you are having a lot of success with your athletes people will want to know why and how. What are you doing different with the science and methodologies you use in your facility?

For instance when I was at Results Fitness I was asked a lot of real world scenario questions and I loved that.
For example what do you do in this situation when you client comes to the gym feeling like this? What workouts do you have in place for them to do instead? How do you progress a client through this exercise is this is happening? What should I do if the client has been experiencing this from this program or exercise, or they expect this workout or style of training.

In the real world humans are emotional complex at times creatures plenty to share and discuss how you work with them on what, when, why, and where in their training and life period.

Fuck theory, all the great text books are there for that. What needs to be put out there are training systems/ scenarios that deal with different situations that coaches who own facilities and train people deal with, how they handle it daily, why their training systems work, how they have been achieving this or that with detailed case histories instead of a pic of someone with a brief blurblurb under it.

Or another rehashed twisted just a little bit product that hasn’t a long list of case histories behind it.

Those of us who own facilities know there is never a dull day. Plenty to share.

There is plenty to write about when you write about actually working with people since every person is different as is each day.

We should be learning daily in our gyms. I know I do with the different students and needs I work with and address.

Personally I always love to read about what coaches do in their facilities instead of theory and stuff some coaches write about and make up doing.