Rob’s Rant: Let Go Of The Past-Life Is Now.

Too many people live and don’t let go off the past. The past is the past. and Past glory is just that, PAST glory, it can still be respected today and should but not fucking celebrated like it just happened, the fact of the matter is, that it means shit as of now, the present.

It says everything you need to know about somebody who won’t let go of what they once did, reliving it everyday to this day, they haven’t grown since then and done shit with then selves since then to let that moment be a great moment it was IN the past.

These types often look down at others who haven’t accomplished what they once did, while the ones they look down on are proud of what they are piece by piece accomplishing in the present living better than them, getting better day by day, not fading away while holding on because they know they have to let go to receive more and more, while giving a fuck about their past, just learning from it, the good and bad, letting it go, where it belongs, while embracing/living in the present which is building a future they need not waste time yearning for.

We don’t look down at anyone, we are too busy looking forward, onward, eagerly anticipating to what is next, as we live today and do today, not caring what once was, that is dead, today is now which is your real truth worth.

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