Rob’s Rant: Find Yourself.

It’s funny on how some people preach character they simply don’t possess. People really are different today. A lot of fakes, I have met people I have heard a great deal about and walked away like what? Really? Why?

In an age where people will inflate others worth, promoting their products, image etc, character must be displayed not simply trusted, as what they truly know does.

Just like I see some coaches who read a lot of books, good books, rave about them but they do not change themselves with that knowledge contained in them, or produce anyone why? Because that’s real.

They obviously aren’t.

I may be opinionated but those that know me know I am the same and more so than I am on here.

We have been in an age/era of illusion. That’s a fact. Because the truth in what you read and see on here is often not what you get.

Dying are real men of character and honor. Who let their actions speak for them. Within minutes of being around these men they bring you up, you feel their principle and aura of authenticity.

I have the privilege of knowing and being around a few of these men in my life. As I continue to prune and walk away from those where no privilege existed. For me, less is more. Less bullshit, drama, backstabbing and let down from that.

I see some preach individuality yet they have no voice or image of their own. For them alone is fear.

Where for leaders being alone is enlightenment, a time of reflection on themselves and reality. A time to regather their strength as they cherish this time.

I remember reading an old interview of the late great Emmanuel Steward where when asked what was one of his favorite things to do was? He said he enjoyed being alone.

I understand why he did now when then when reading that I then didn’t.

One of the biggest things I’m proud of in my life is that I never followed the crowd, I wasn’t a follower, I didn’t be friend those seemingly superior than me to make myself feel better by being in their click.

I rebelled against that shit. I have walked away from things I was apart of but soon found the truth of and waltzed away from that shit. Being around those with real character you gain the ability to sense those who possess none keeping them at arms reach, not allowing them in your life. People are energy suckers. Don’t let them drain you.

I have felt better in the gym recently than I have in months because I kicked a few dud students out that inlet linger too long. Oh my soft side can show. They disgusted and enraged me when they were in my presence because I knew they were fake. You can only help the willing.

That boosted my energy.

I have recently had a couple bad people that were semi involved in my life practically disappear. Not a surprise as my energy and positive vibration rose. That repelled them. Energy/vibration is powerful.

Spend more time alone, find then embrace your true identity, you will find you will need less seeing reality and peoples true character for what it really is.

There is not always power in numbers, but dilution, delusion, and deceit.

The biggest sin in life is never knowing yourself and having an identity.

So instead of liking someone’s post on here, try liking yourself, stop living through others acts and scripted lives on here and start scripting your own.

Individuality starts IN word, by being alone.

Develop some character and honor in this time so you can bring more of that back in this world of shallown puppets.

Yea I had a lot to say in this post because I am waking up more everyday to life, society, and reality. Just some ramblings from me.

I’m hoping you can too while creating your own while learning/finding your own self.

Become and live real.


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