Speak YOUR Mind. Live Your Identity.


Coming up in this industry I have always admired the vocal coaches who set it straight, crushed myths, hearsay, and shared what really works in the real world. Their methods causing controversy going against the politically correct grain but they never paid that yak no mind, refining their methods more so, producing, producing ,producing all the while.

The price of being very good to great at anything, IS the jealous criticism of others, there IS telling the truth, and there is also hating on what others do very well.

It’s not for everybody to speak out, lead, blaze a new trail, they can’t take the heat.

Listen, life is FAR to short to let weak people’s thoughts control and freeze you!

To those that speak the truth, dare to care and share what really works in this industry, cleaning up the misunderstood, watered down mess of strength/conditioning methodology and in spp… skill…..

I salute you.

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