Aug 12 2014

Money Managment Tip: Why Not To Buy A New Car.

I hear some people talking about buying a new vehicle for 40-45k. Like that high ticket price is supposed to impress you or make you jealous as they hope when saying it.

I’m not jealous of anyone in debt. Someone wanting to buy a 1 or 2 year old whip with cash has my respect.

What a stupid investment of your $$ to do so with the car loosing 20% of its value when driving it off the lot then 15% a year until roughly the 5th.

People throwing their $$ away like that to impress family, friends, and satisfying their ego, while remaining in debt, locked into payments.

I often hear, but it’s got a warranty.

Yea, and you are a sucker staying in debt.

Aug 4 2014

Rob’s Rant: Money Management.

MONEY   Two great books I highly suggest you read are Total Money Make Over and Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey. Both these books will move you to much better money management IF you follow the simple and strict principles. These books can literally change your life. Order them and follow Dave’s money managing principles.