Jul 17 2014

Boxing Training Advice: Explosive Power Training Tips.

Here are a couple of tips for you when training to develop explosive speed and power.

When training to develop explosive speed and power you MUST execute quality NOT quantity when targeting the explosive high threshold type IIB muscle fibers.

Meaning.. Each rep should be fast, intense. If it’s a half ass effort, Terminate it. Keep in mind FULL recovery between sets will allow pure quality of execution (intention) hence recruiting the high threshold fibers as the nervous system takes 5-7 times longer to recover than cellular tissue so it will be fresh to allow that focused and 100% intensity speed of movement you need to develop crippling power.

Comment below with any questions.

Jul 15 2014

The Students Often Become The Teacher.

Tonight at our gym I had to correct our newest youth 8yr old Douglas on our code of conduct.

He then said to me. You mad at me coach. I said no son. I’m disciplining you.

He gets nervous when I watch him and coach him on the double end bag and heavy bag. Being around a lot of alpha males, that sheer masculinity is a big transition for a kid with no live in father.

After his workout he came up and said goodbye coach see you tomorrow. I said see ya tomorrow son, I’m proud of you on how you have been working,

He gave me a hug and left.

While I’m very no nonsense, gruff, stern, borderline crazy with what I say to my teenage and adult students/fighters when discipline is called for.

I continue to learn more about coaching and communication working with my 7, 8, and 9 year old students. As this is the most I have ever worked with and more sign up every week.

I love that about our gym, the diversity of ethnicity, age, and both genders. It keeps you learning, adapting, sharp, and growing in profound ways.

I don’t have any kids yet, but I do. I’m thankful for the lessons they teach me in coaching/communication and jolting me from time to time with how they respond and grow.

Jul 11 2014

Injury Prevention Tip: Indian Club Training.

Louie Simmons first introduced me to Indian Clubs back in August 2008. They have had a consistent place in my warm up since then.

The clubs are thousands of years old.

I do a max effort upper workout every week plus a speed workout (speed… bench, plyo pushups, depth push ups etc) , with de loads planned in and do 2-3 boxing workouts per week hitting a big 200+ heavy bag, body snatcher etc…

My point, that’s a lot of joint compression, joint wear period.

The Indian clubs are a great injury prevention tool, mobility, and conditioning tool training entrance and with the bigger ones as I’m using in this pic… Grip strength/endurance.

You can swing this a myriad of ways, both internally and externally.

I use these as a warm up but you could throw these in a conditioning circuit as well. Having had no orthopedic shoulder injury to date for as aggressive as I train and the compression my shoulder joints undertake.

Train your body but also take care of it.

I will post a video of Louie Simmons doing a tutorial of the clubs in the comment section. See More

Jul 7 2014

Boxing Training Q/A: How To Relax Tense Fighters.

Hey Rob… Im a Boxing trainer here in miami at a gym called Fight Club. I boxed in the usa boxing amateur club years ago..
question: Ive got a couple bigger fighters that cant seem to loose the tension they build up while training. i tell them to relax but they cant seem to relax enough to gain speed and good form.
any ideas i can do to get them to relax? Thanks, Thomas.


Hey Thomas, first, how are they breathing? Are they breathing enough?  Are you saying when they are doing bag work they Are too tense? This is mental, have them take deep, full breaths until they can calm down, stop them when they get tense and have them breathe again, foam rolling is great for mayo facial release along with stretching to break up the knots and bring back ideal length tension to the muscles but again, it’s intention/ mindset that’s causing them to loose it. So deep breathing, lots of it, while slowing down the pace until they can work smooth will help a lot.