Boxing Training Tips: How To Maximize Your Performance For A Fight.

Understand this…What will severely limit a fighter’s performance in a fight will not be their training (typically) 6 weeks before a fight, but the lack thereof between fights.

This is where a great pro is truly built in GPP ( getting in real shape, energy system development, strength, speed, power, which all this being the best injury prevention method for a 6 week intense camp.

Camps will then go much smoother.This approach will also enhance SPP in camp, raising the ceiling higher on it.

Fight camps CANNOT be fat camps as Ricky Hatton’s often was and notice the health issues he suffered from that and how he quickly faded as a fighter. His endocrine system was beat up just as bad as he was later in his career as he ballooned up in weight unrecognisable conditions.

How was his camp about performance enhancement and skill. Fernando Vargas did the same in his camps later in his career costing him the same. They both got FAT between fights.

No development whatsoever ever. Just degeneration!

Rethink training. Think period.

Something I strive to do dailey and as coaches we all must to fulfill. our duty in enhancing our fighters growth, performance, and longevity alllowing them to reach their true potential.

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