Jul 30 2014

Explosive KO Power Tip: Medince Balls vs Olympic Lifts.


Olympic lifts for power development in boxers? They are not my tool of choice and in my opinion the medicine balls, and dead ball are a better tool of choice in developing power in fighters for the following reasons.

1. First of all, good luck getting a fighter or skill coach to do Olympic lifts with the performance limiting anti weight lifting BS pre programmed mindset from fallacies they blindly and ignorantly accept.

You want to know how to trick a fighter or skill coach into getting strong without lifting the heavy weights they both fear? Have the fighter push and pull a loaded sled

2. Risk vs Reward: The typical injuries fighters suffer in training are wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries due to the compression the joins undertake when cracking the heavy bag, body snatcher bag, punch shields, mitts, and sparring partners.

Why the power clean then? I have never had my fighters snatch. Why? Look at where the power comes from in punching, where is the transfer? Why beat up the joints more?

What is the risk vs reward here?

Olympic lifting is another sport in itself with a high complexity compared to the shear simplicity, and high versatility of the medicine ball and dead ball.

There is a difference between these tools, the tornado ball and medicine balls maximizes the stretch reflex and is therefore plyometric, and the dead balls do not, they are not used in a reactive way, they are great for starting and acceleration strength, think of the follow and drive through of the punch, where as the tornado ball is explosive speed, like a fire cracker going off fast, pop! That lighting fast but can’t crack an egg speed. Developing max strength will allow a fighter to display more force potential behind that explosive speed though making it that sought after and very dangerous combo that puts opponents to sleep on the canvass.

You should be able to visualize how these tools develop special strengths differently on the force/velocity curve and where these specials strengths lie on the curve.

3. Injury is reduced with medicine balls, dead balls, explosive jumps with the learning and proper application of them quicker.

Time spent in the strength room should be minimal compared to spp(skill training) there is no true off season for fighters, particularly amateur fighters, prospects, and pro contenders with a busy fight schedule year long.

You can inject med balls, and dead balls right in with less time taken to teach critique, or scale back the lifts.

Again, look at the biomechanics of a punch. Med balls are far more versatile to develop power in the movement patters of the punch, especially, the eye opening KO punch.

Bottom line… It’s all about training economy. Using the right methods (risk vs reward of exercise/method), at the right times (fighters preparedness and readiness level), for the right reasons ( clear understanding, instead of blind, you have no idea what you are doing and why acceptance of training means/methods).

Good coaches do this. The rest just cut and paste in their programming…..

Jul 24 2014

Life Lessons:The Little Things Matter Most.

Never underestimate how much the little things matter to some people & kids.

The other night I gave 8yr old Douglas a Pilger’s Old Skool Boxing & Fitness Academy T shirt. He was aurprised, he loved it, and said he was gonna sleep in it! Lol.

He father was very happy too and proud. Douglas’ father is really trying. I sign a paper for him when he’s at my gym. The date and time. For his PO. He encourages Douglas and gets on him of need be. But he does not get involved in the training. That’s out of bounds.

Still it’s cool to see their bond growing each workout.

Gyms are more than just gyms. Just as boxing is more than boxing. They both heal.

Jul 21 2014

Money Mayweather: Or Limited Time Money Earner?

I read a very interesting and insightful interview with 50 Cent about his emerging promotional company, his new album, release, and his directing projects, some damn good ones at that.

You see the trend with him here? A true entrepreneur. Investing his money in other ventures and projects, making money outside of what made him first prominent and a big name, the music industry.

He steady grows his business brand.

While Floyd makes $$ in boxing, sure, big $$ but consider the cost to maintain his lifestyle, where is his passive income from other ventures and investments, no crossover business savvy from him.

For as much as I disliked Oscar as a fighter, he took advantage of his cross over appeal, and now makes damn good passive income from the hand that fed him to begin with. Boxing, and now being fed by Golden Boy Promotions.

Remember Holyfield grossed over 100 million in his career, Mike Tyson balled too. Where  is that now?

Larry Holmes will tell you AND SHOW you where his investments are, he owns most of Easton PA by the way, and how he lives quite comfortably of that.

I picked this brilliant quote from an article about Floyd returning to Golden Boy for his rematch with Maidana and him being just a very good earner, not investor, grower in other avenues millionaire on paper at least for now.

“wish you could get a loan for what this “man” spends on rims for one of his collection of depreciating assets” this being Floyd and his cars.

Yet young men, hungry young men look at that as power, while those with lasting money, passive generating in other ventures money, re investing it, steady growing it, respecting it, growing with intelligence as their money grows, see the clear writing on that wall with him, and others in other sports like him, the NBA has been filled with baller to broke ass for years, Allen Iverson for one, hmmm Ray see the the BIG holes, the mirage.

50 Cent sees it too and dissected it in his interview, he and the real Kingpin Jay Z are indeed The Business Man, not mere businessmen, or in Floyd’s case, just big earners for now at least.

I see these young bucks saying… Get Money! Yea, and I say, get brains with that money, what are you going to do with it, to keep it, and maintain it for years, to come?


Jul 19 2014

Boxing Training Tips: How To Maximize Your Performance For A Fight.

Understand this…What will severely limit a fighter’s performance in a fight will not be their training (typically) 6 weeks before a fight, but the lack thereof between fights.

This is where a great pro is truly built in GPP ( getting in real shape, energy system development, strength, speed, power, which all this being the best injury prevention method for a 6 week intense camp.

Camps will then go much smoother.This approach will also enhance SPP in camp, raising the ceiling higher on it.

Fight camps CANNOT be fat camps as Ricky Hatton’s often was and notice the health issues he suffered from that and how he quickly faded as a fighter. His endocrine system was beat up just as bad as he was later in his career as he ballooned up in weight unrecognisable conditions.

How was his camp about performance enhancement and skill. Fernando Vargas did the same in his camps later in his career costing him the same. They both got FAT between fights.

No development whatsoever ever. Just degeneration!

Rethink training. Think period.

Something I strive to do dailey and as coaches we all must to fulfill. our duty in enhancing our fighters growth, performance, and longevity alllowing them to reach their true potential.