Jun 25 2014

The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself.

The best gift you can give to yourself is an ideal healthy lifestyle followed by working out. Reading the right books as well I may add.

Everything in life is that much better with a strong body and mind. Everything in life comes together that much better.

The ultimate definition of madness is to sacrifice health for wealth. I see people fixing up their houses adding on etc, buying nice vehicles, yet neglect their own health in the process eating like complete shit while looking and feeling like it.

So that is the way to live? To walk around in a body like that and to think distorted thoughts with a mind encased in that??

The real key to life is the QUALITY of life. Not just prolonging it with pharmaceutical drugs while living in a clueless daze.

Take care of yourself. You are all you got. And when you are at your best you have that much more to give others as life itself has that much to offer you in return.

Jun 23 2014

Rob’s Rant: Do This To Truly Know Your Craft.

While I’m an avid reader and consider myself very well read, I take that with a grain of salt since I do own a gym, train real people and athletes and have been in this industry (strength/conditioning since 2001 and boxing since I was 14 having learned MORE from hands on internships, traveling to learn from strength coaches who work with top level athletes, boxing trainers who’s gyms I have visited and brains I’ve picked.

And really tying that together lock tight by working out myself at a pretty high level that I have reached through an accumulation over the years, not a damn macro cycle or an annual non practical pretty to the T laid out plan.

Those that stay in the gym REALLY learn and know training.

So for those that are well read that’s nice. But spend more time learning from coaches in the real world who have BEEN successful over the years.

ANYONE can write a book and seem like a genius behind it. BUT…. What are they themselves doing with the info? Can THEY coach? Can they bring the science they study into a practical manner in the gym? If not, and there are some who can’t. How good really are they?

Coaching is an art that is honed through hours and hours of experience. I belief in and respect the 10,000 hours rule.

Just because someone reads a lot of books just means that. They read a lot of books. That doesn’t mean they can coach or are good.

I believe in WHAT I SEE.

What can you do with what you know?

Spend more time learning from coaches who are doing what other authors steal from them, twist it to their own, and repackage into a product they sell.

I cannot respect a parrot trainer. Who just regurgitates training methodology online or into info products.

I respect and put full faith in quality coaches who produce and are honed in the art of coaching from their time spent in the gym , reading, AND their own training.

I FULLY believe that you truly learn something at a more intimate and intense level once partaking in it.

Now I’m not saying boxing coaches should compete, or strength coaches should go break world records. I’m saying workout! Just TRAIN. Don’t ask and demand of others what YOU cannot bring out of YOURSELF. I’m saying they would be better coaches if they worked out and even light sparred, growing closer to what they teach or think they know and they would truly then believe in what they do.

Training offers that education in such a way that books and seminars never will.

I mean for coaches who do not work out at any level how can they fully understand training?

So read a lot. But also travel to learn from those that coach,  and have mastered the art, watch them, soak it up, and then fully immerse yourself into training by working out, educating yourself.

That’s knowing what you study in and out.

Jun 19 2014

Rob’s Rant: Real Training Advice-Qualify Before You Apply.


Some trainers just like to use certain tools to make their workouts/gym look hardcore and cool without knowing how to teach the exercise/use the tool properly to begin with.

Knowledge and experience makes a trainer and gym GOOD not a cool collection of tools and props.

Take chains for example. Some trainers use them to seem hardcore but instead look like complete uneducated fools with how they have them set up incorrectly with the chains not even coming CLOSE to serving the purpose they are intended too.

Or how to qualify the person for the exercise. Yes, you don’t just have anyone flip tires as Carrie is here.

Unethical Idiots copy, cut, and paste exercises and workouts without qualify their students for them first.

The tire is just a tool in the tool box. We like it because it’s a total body movement and very metabolic when flipped fast for reps.

Carrie likes it as a finisher to our boxing workouts. She’s done after a couple series and the tire served it’s purpose.

We also have a tire much bigger than this that we use with some students who qualify for it but this size tire fits Carrie’s preparedness level perfectly.

It’s just a tool that doesn’t define us, we define it’s purpose for our students and it’s use in the workout.

Knowing the why, what, when, and how

Jun 17 2014

Boxing Strength Training Tip: Power Walks With The Sled.


John “Jackie Chan” Phan doing power walks with the sled to build up the hips and posterior chain.

Want more power? Do these to build excellent strength in the legs so when you sit down and dig into your punches you will be delivering that much force into your opponent. That driving ripping power that strong legs deliver and weak legs leave behind.

We like to do 1 heavy day of sled a week of short distance. 1 medium day of longer 50-60 yards. Then 1 light day for recovery and cardiac output conditioning training.

Old school with new school