Rob’s Rant: Real Men Don’t Do This.

One thing I have never understood in life is how a man can get off on being abusive to a woman. Laying hands on them.I grew up with 6 sisters and I was over protective of them. So I have always been very sensitive to that abuse.

Once when leaving the summer fest this dude pushed a friend of mine Maria against a car as I was walking into their site.

I approached the piece of shit, and he laugh…ed at me, I weighed 175lbs then and have this baby face. He called me a little boy.

I beat that dudes ass, dropped him to his knees and rained 10 piece punches on him until a former sherrif deputy now deceased Fred came up out of his car and pulled me off of him. Fred knew me well. I used to get into all kinds of fights then.

I beat that dude so bad my knuckles were swollen for 3 days. I could not make a fist for 3 days.
For a man to bully a women and lay hands on her sparks something fierce in me. Their insecure weakness disgusts me.

Once when living in Jacksonville Florida I left the beach bar the Brixe and was heading to my car, I heard a couple arguing a few cars down and thought nothing of it as drunk idiots. Then I heard a sharp smack and thought damn that girl smacked that dude good. I then heard a women insanely crying.

I walked over to see this thick red neck dude and this small girl cowered against his car.

He told me to fuck off!

I approached him, feinted him, then back handed him. I smacked the shit out of that dude. Repeatedly, I grabbed the keys from his pocket and threw them into the dark. I told the girl to call a cab. I did not leave until it came.

I then embarrassed him before her saying how does it feel that I can do anything to you I want without you being able to do anything about it. I slapped him again.

Slapping a dude is the most disrespectful thing you can do to them. I kept demoralizing him, it perk the girl up.and that was sad in itself.

I kept talking to him, laughing at him. The cab came. The girl got in. The dude all.the while NEVER acknowledged she was there.

A true piece of shit. Proof of it.

I have a deep violence in me, that will be with me until the casket drops. While I am far more laid back now.

Nothing provokes that rage instantly as much as a man getting physical with a women. Hearing about it or seeing it enrages me.

If you are a dude that does that shit.

Please come to my gym 1034 Goodale Blvd Grand view Heights Ohio 43212 I have a gym full of fighters, including myself you can step to instead.

You are welcome anytime and we will be glad to see you and give you a welcome you will never forget.

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