Apr 14 2014

Weekend Wrap Up: Sweet Revenge.

Here are some of my thoughts and great quotes I puled from the Pacquiao-Bradley fight which I had Manny clearly winning, dominating late….

Pacquiao on what it is gonna take to make a Mayweather fight. “It’s been so many years, months, days . . . but, like I said, the line is open, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If he wants to fight, the fight will be on.”

Yet when Team Pacquiao rings the Mayweather line it goes straight to voicemail with Al Haymon saying…sorry Manny we can’t take your call right now we are too busy making another…her mismatch to continue to fool the public with, and build Floyd a false legacy with, leave your number but we won’t call you back because we don’t want to take the risk of fighting you and getting beat!

So the only other fight out their for Pacquiao would be a Marquez rematch YET again. Manny needs his get back.

Props to Bradley displaying true class and giving NO excuses and giving Pacquiao his respect.

“The dude still has it,” Bradley said of Pacquiao. “He was a better man tonight. He never ducks an opponent. He’s willing to face the best – he faced one of the best tonight. He’s a true champion. An unbelievable fighter. I have much respect for him and his team. That’s pretty much it.”

Interesting insight that the one and only Larry Merchant can only deliver..

“Look, Manny Pacquiao is not just an exceptional fighter; he’s an exceptional one to the exceptional fighters,” said Merchant as only he can. “And the old saying is ‘A great fighter has a great fight left in him.’ Maybe he has two or three great fights left in him. Because at the end of the day, it comes down to whether the older fighter is so comfortable with his life that he doesn’t have the zeal to train and really get after it and this guy’s shown in the last couple of fights that he still wants to get after it.”

Apr 8 2014

Everything Flows From This……..

Nothing beats a good deep night of sleep, for me it sets the tone for the day and its the rudder of the day. When I sleep bad I’m a different dude, everything is that much harder for me, i don’t think with the same mindset, or have that drive, but when I sleep good, it’s on, firing from all cylinders, looking through problems at solutions instead of being consumed by them.

Sleep is the life barometer for us all.

Through tens of thousands of years of evolution we are designed this way From the hours of 10pm to 2am is when physical recovery takes place, recovery hormones released, growth hormones etc..

From 2am-6am is when psychogenic/mental recovery takes place.

During early evening hours Artificial light, cell phones, computers etc raise cortisol levels (a catabolic destructive hormone) to prevent you from falling into a deep restful sleep because you are stimulated by the above.

Sleeping outside those hours robs you of precious recovery.

Lack of quality sleep can kill you. It’s the first thing to manage with lifestyle as performance flows off of that, recovery does, aches & pains keep coming, body comp declines, as does mindset, there is nothing without quality sleep.

It dictates everything.


Please comment below with any questions. Thank you…

Apr 3 2014

Do What You Love: We Are Born Creators.

Although I enjoy and want to be a successful real world coach owing a gym rather than strictly an online quasi coach, I do enjoy my online business and the ability to share my information in my book, dvds, and membership site to people world wide. It’s quite the thrill and honor to have someone from a country I totally forgot about by one of my products or sign up for my membership site.

It’s a great day such as today when someone buys my book, another my new Vol III Double …End Bag dvd, and yet another signs up for my boxingperformance.com membership site.

To have people message me on facebook and email me thanking me for my dvds, book, and membership site is worth all the work I put in creating and maintaining (adding new content to my membership site) them. Which was and is fun, creating and sharing training methodology…

The biggest thrill for me is looking back when I first started in boxing as a fighter at 14 years old, for as hard as I trained, I studied just as hard, boxing history, studying then current fighters, skill, going into strength/conditioning studying in that industry, still now intensely studying both boxing and strength/conditioning, I have always really enjoyed learning and sharing it, by wring and ranting. For what I have accumulated learning, for the great coaches I have been around, and still am, if I couldn’t speak my own mind, then I might as well stay in bed, pull the covers over my head and call it a day. BUT, I can, and with no hesitation do with full conviction.

This is all that I ever wanted to do. own a successful and ever growing gym/business having my peers and mentors resect and speak highly of me, to earn that. Then taking that real world knowledge and sharing it online, help coaches, fighters, just people period word wide.

Don’t ever sell yourself out. Get yours, study hard, learn for life, acknowledge the compound effect of putting in quality work, grow deaf ears to those that don’t understand your rode, prune them, stick with those that do, and one day it will be just what you have always wanted.

We are born creators, we are. We create what we internalize. What we believe we deserve, what we put in constant smart work to get.

“We are the creative force of our life, and through our own decisions rather than our conditions, if we carefully learn to do certain things, we can accomplish those goals”. –Stephen Covey

Get yours……..