Boxing Training Tip: The Most Special Ingredient For Success.

I have always been a huge fan and admirer of great coaching, being attuned to it since I was a young teenager. Studying it and learning from it yet today and tomorrow and throughout my coaching career.

Perhaps because I didn’t have a close relationship with my father at that time as I liked the passionate communication, probing, expectations, demands, and chemistry great coaches had with their a…thlete or athletes….

Freddie Roach has had that with Manny Pacquaio, taking him from a raw, reckless, unknown then molding him into a sharp blitzkrieg offensive juggernaut. Their relationship and loyalty to each other is rare today.

Just as chemistry is the glue with your significant other and is blissful to blissful to have and share, so it is with coach and fighter.

One fight that will ALWAYS stick out to me where this was vividly displayed was the Johnny Tapia vs Danny Romero fight. That fight was big then. The battle of Albuquerque New Mexico.

I was 17 years old then and ran home from a party to watch it alone as I didn’t like people trying to talk to me when I was studying the fight, I liked to listen to the commentary too, to this day, I’m like that.

At that time Romero was being built up like Oscar De La Hoya, the plan was to have Oscar’s crossover star potential and Danny possessed that, he just had to win this fight he was favored big in.

This fight was a violent cross town rivalry, to the point where added security was present during fight night.

Jessie Reid Sr was Tapia’s trainer. I have always been a huge admirer of Jessie Sr. I think he is one of the best and I love studying his corner work, few can communicate the adaptions that need to take place in such a clear passionate way as Jessie Sr. I loved his work with former lightweight world champion Paul Spadafora for these same reasons.

Johnny dominated Romero shouting him down and out. Johnny was geeked for this fight again HUGE cross town Heated and HATED rivalry, these guys hated each other.

The chemistry between Jessie Sr and Tapia was eye opening,
I will never forget it, round after round Jessie gave clear concise passionate instruction that Johhny brilliantly carries out.

It gets no better when a trainer lays out a brilliant fight plan that the fighter executes round after round with ease.

This is what I will always remember about the fight. After the 9th or 10th round Jessie excitingly shouts…. “You are doing it son! You’re doing it!!!” To which Johnny then pushes his face against Jessie’s and shouts back…”NO!!! WE are doing it!!!!!”

Fuck that jolted me.

The raw real deep connection in that moment, the chemistry. No better display of it, no better feeling than to possess and share it.

That is the joy of coaching and being coached.

That is precious, power, and rare today.

And THAT is the power of chemistry!

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