Mar 19 2014

How To Workout-How To Lift Weights.

Training is about paying attention to indicators, listening and paying attention to your body in regards to progression or regression for that matter, in your training.

While I do adapt the minimalist approach to my life over all and training, for those with a higher training age, often time you just need more volume in your workouts to blow through a plateau.

While I preach and practice less …is more in a workout and believe in that as factoring into life (social, work, relationship, training, eating, sleep.) stressors in regards to recovery, and progress, don’t just think of adding more volume in a workout per say, but adding it in another day.

Workouts lasting longer than an hour elicit a catabolic hormonal effect in the body, you must factor in workout training volume with the endocrine system and the hormones that are released either aiding or catabolizing precious muscle tissue.

Less is more per workout, minimalist is best yes per day, spread volume out in another day while still factoring in while managing Hi/Low training stressors to make better gains while not going catabolic in your 2 hour + waste of time workouts.

Since adding another day back in my training In have been packing on the muscle, getting stronger by fixing and building up my weak areas, and just feeling a whole lot better with results.

So look at your indicators in your training and adjust accordingly, sprinkle a little more volume in to get back more.

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Mar 17 2014

Boxing Core Training Tip: The Best Abdominal Exercise.

Ab wheel
Pound for pound my favorite most effective abdominal exercise is the ab rollout with the wheel, a barbell, or rings/TRX.Why?Because the core & back muscles are trained synergistically contracting as a unit while maintaining a neutral spine (good posture) position. Compared to training the back and abdominals in isolation which can create muscle imbalances. Integration is better but sometimes i…solation to strengthen an imbalance in the kinetic chain is needed.

Isolate to then integrate.

Also, No extreme flexion that creates imbalances in the flexor chain ( neck, trunk, hip.) and beats up (compression) the lumbar region takes place with rollouts as you get precious thoracic extension in an ergonomically flexion ( driving, sitting, eating, etc) dominate world.

So the abdominal roll out is a corrective and core strengthening exercises. That’s a big bang exercises to use in your training, training economy, training smart. As you can see it’s really a total body exercise as well with the hip flexors, low back, thoracic, lats, triceps, shoulders, forearms, and of course the core working in conjunction.

Just some food for thought for you.

Mar 11 2014

Boxing Strength Training Tip: How To Efectively Train The Posterior Chain.


When you are in the gym it should be about training economy. You have or should have a life outside the gym so you want to get more done with less, hence using big bang exercises to accomplish this.

The hamstring muscles, semitendinosus, …semimembranosus, biceps femoris long & short cross the knee with all but the short head of the bicep femoris crossing and extending the hip. The short head crosses the knee. So instead of working hip extension and knee flexion in isolation, wasting time, you can work them all synergistically with one movement. Smart efficient training defined.

The entire length of the erector spinae muscles from the thoracic to lumbar are heavily recruited/worked as well as the gastroc and glutes.

So in the pictures of me performing a inverse leg curl and Brenna performing a swiss ball hip extension with knee flexion, the gastro(calves), hamstrings, glutes, lumbar and thoracic extensors are worked

Keep in mind….The kinetic chain is only as strong as its weakest link with that often being a weak back and hamstings. Women tend to be more quad dominate with female athletes suffering ACL injuries from weak hamstrings, certainly men do too with weak hams.

I don’t have a GHR or a inverse leg curl at my gym, I have a reverse hyper, so as an alternative we use a swiss ball in the pic, as well as rings which work great. The swiss ball still works very well for many people and weaker athletes.

A progression to the swiss supine hip extension with knee flexion is doing it with one leg. Once strength is built, You can also lay down a mat and have a partner )or they make benches/pads you can put your feet under to do this) hold your hands while you lower yourself to the floor and extend/flex up. You MUST first build strength to do this or you could injure/tear your hamstring. So be careful.

So integrate instead of isolating. Use one of these exercises or variations (GHR) to work both hip extension and knee flexion for bigger carry over in your training. You will prevent injury, run faster and lift more in compound movements like the squat, deadlift, and clean from using these exercises and strengthening what’s weak in the kinetic chain.

Train smart, get stronger to get a lot better!







Mar 7 2014

Wheel Farrow Strength Training Workout: How To Get Strong.