Don”t Act Your Age.

Don’t act your age but train your age. -Dan John

My thoughts….

Some age unrecognizably fast, others with grace, slow as molasses keeping vibrant youth in and out. It’s all lifestyle, sleep, eat, drink(water), think (thoughts), self image which dictates all as in what you think you are on the inside does in fact appear on the outside, the real self sabotage, and training, mobility, strength, b…ack in the day, the weak and feeble were left behind as the tribe moved on, and lean muscles mass which is the 24/7 inferno fat burning keeping the lard off your ass regulator, and finally laughter, those who laugh more, do in fact live longer and look better. Constant excessive stress shrivels people up like a raisin.

So strip the enslaving to some and liar to many others chronological age is, How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? As in the truth of biological age is.

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