Mar 31 2014

Weekend Wrap Up: Boxing Needs This Fighter.

WBO light heavyweight champion Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev scored a 7th round KO over previously unbeaten Cedric “L.O.W.” Agnew last night.

My thoughts………………….………..

1. When was the last time you saw a KO from a jab to the body? Sergey displayed the vital importance of a calculated consistent body attack and how it set up KO’s

Jabbing to the body is a grossly underutilized punch…. Especially in the pros with the compound effect it earns the fighter. In fact I always implore my lengthy fighters to use it, as other fighter’s often leave a glaring opening for it by how they square up.

2. Sergey displayed how to break down a tight ear muff elbows dug into the ribs defense. The chink in that armor was the anterior mid section. Sergey adapted and proved he is smart by not mindlessly banging away but seeing the chink and exposing it by jabbing their. In fact I’m showing that clip to my fighters in the gym tomorrow for them to see the vivid benefit of that punch.

Body shots trump head shots when layred in seguential volume correctly.

3. Sergey displayed terrific power endurance carrying his power late. Both upstairs and downstairs. He is NOT an early round power gone after 6 rounds power puncher. That is lethal and very dangerous while also very rare.

4. Sergey doesn’t give a fu#k! He wants to fight the best. He looks at this as sport, sport aybits purist intent to test yourself. He is NOT afraid to loose hence his bold and aggressive persona of wanting to fight anybody. I loved his words towards Adonis calling him a piece of shit. Sergey is not playing around and IS a real fighter. He sees through the smoke and mirrors of some fighters.

5.) Sergey is old school. Bring ass to get ass. Step to the best to be the best! His style and attitude is what boxing direly needs. He is NOT s manufactured protected on the brink of being exposed hype job. He has NOT lost a round in his past 15 fights for a reason. He is real and wants to be, wants it. Will get right in his opponent’s ass from the start.

6. Enjoy him while he is here. In today’s era of shake and bake manufactured fake fighters, he is indeed a needed breathe of fresh air, while equally being very rare. Fighters like him don’t come around very often

Mar 26 2014

What Pros & Leaders Do, And Don’t Do.


Mar 23 2014

Don”t Act Your Age.

Don’t act your age but train your age. -Dan John

My thoughts….

Some age unrecognizably fast, others with grace, slow as molasses keeping vibrant youth in and out. It’s all lifestyle, sleep, eat, drink(water), think (thoughts), self image which dictates all as in what you think you are on the inside does in fact appear on the outside, the real self sabotage, and training, mobility, strength, b…ack in the day, the weak and feeble were left behind as the tribe moved on, and lean muscles mass which is the 24/7 inferno fat burning keeping the lard off your ass regulator, and finally laughter, those who laugh more, do in fact live longer and look better. Constant excessive stress shrivels people up like a raisin.

So strip the enslaving to some and liar to many others chronological age is, How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? As in the truth of biological age is.

Mar 21 2014

I love using the maize ball with my fighters. Its an excellent tool to develop head movement and you also punch off that head movement as you slip the maize ball.

Moving your head causes a fighter to hesitate, if they hesitate they are ou…t of rhythm, having none, and that’s when you own and control them.

That of course is what boxing is all about, like chess, strategy and check mating your opponent with superior skill, strategy, and technique.

Here mma fighter Kevin Dupree is working it engraining head movement and his offense off of that.

Remember, offense flows off of sound defense.

Get and use this simple tool in your training.