Feb 28 2014

My New Ultimate Boxing Workout Vol III Dvd: How To Master The Double End Bag.

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This is the bag to work, in my opinion, it simply brings out the best in you in ways the heavy bag or body snatcher bag ever could.

Great for cross training athletes, great challenge for the everyday person, and fighters don’t work this enough as it shows in their performances.

It IS the hardest bag to work for a reason, because what it takes to work it is something that takes time to develop and is very special once you possess it.

You can’t daydream while working this bag, intense focus and attention is needed.

Hand speed, hand/eye coordination, timing, rhythm, accuracy, flowing in offensive & defensive unison.

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Feb 24 2014

Boxing Training Q/A: How To Neutralize Height, Reach, & The Overhand Right.

Rob, what would you advise to focus on most when sparring with a much taller opponent, who is mostly leaned back, using light jabs and overworking his overhand right? Thanks in advance. Arian.

Arian, take away his height by staying inside his reach and working his body, take away his height from the outside by jabbing to the body and throwing straight right hands to it. Hight is neutralized on the inside. If he is leaning back then feint and once he leans back lay hands on his unbalanced stance and stay there on the inside. 

If he is flicking jabs come over them with a right hand to take those flick jabs away, jab with him, but throw stiff fast hard jabs, he won’t jab with you then. Jab with a jabber is the motto is boxing for good reason, it keeps your opponent from setting the rhythm and you throw there timing off.

Take his right hand way by keeping your front foot on the outside of his front foot. Control him with your jab also you can time his over hand right by slipping it and ripping left hooks to his body. He WILL then be reluctant to throw it after that in fear of getting ripped to his body. Let me know if you need anything else.

Feb 20 2014

Boxing Training Notes: The Ring Brings Out The Truth.


John “Jackie Chan ” Phan getting ready to spar. He is fighting in Toledo this weekend along with Franscico.Anybody can look like a champ on the bags. But the truth comes out in the ring, where a fighter is naked, mentally, physically, and… spiritually.

There are no liars, and what you are is shown for what it in fact is.

Fighting isn’t for many, but for the select few… Forever intoxicating in the relentless, deliberate, focused, everyday task of mastering yourself from the inside out.

In other words, to become a true champion.

Giving youth direction, hope, and the skills to make their dreams become a living realitySee More

— at Pilger’s Old Skool Boxing & Fitness Academy.

Feb 16 2014

As Within, So Without, Where True Power Resides & Flows From.

Fighting is the ultimate expression on yourself.

I often say that and it transfers to all of life.

Those that follow my posts know I’m not afraid to tell it like it is, express how I’m feeling about life, my beautiful girl friend, or something I just achieved.

Self expression is knowing and being very comfortable with yourself. Strength training, martial arts, boxing, which is a martial art,… all teach you to know depths of yourself you otherwise wise would never discover, although very uncomfortable at first, knowing these deep depths of yourself, they are really vital to become who you are striving to be.

Because it is often something very deep within us that often prevents us from having or becoming what we want.

The outer is a stark reflection of our inner. Fact.

Getting to know ourselves, DEEP parts of ourselves that are dormant and left alone out of neglect or fear is one of the best things we can do in life.

The late great Stephen Covey called it detecting your life mission by going in instead of out as many others do.

You are forever lost and frustrated by searching out, but by going in, no matter how uncomfortable and fearful of dealing with scars and other issues, this is where the search ends and we find who we truly are, our infinite power, and what we can effortlessly do once we find it and channel it.

Being afraid to speak your mind is not being comfortable with yourself from within, fronting being hard from the outside.

Some of the outward biggest harasses are the biggest pussies for this very reason, and some of the wickedest, strongest, most powerful motherfu##ers you can come across are silent, and seemingly soft for but really its at being at peace because they know very well what they can violently unleash at will. They are in tuned with themselves and need not display strength from the outside because they possess it in quantum levels in the inside.

The same with problems, the strong/elite go in, before unleashing out blaming others, dumping their shit on others, blaming others.

TV, media, radio, bad friends distract you from you.

Train intense with strength training, martial arts, or the pacifist practice of strength, meditation which is must for everyone.

Self expression is a display of knowing and being comfortable with yourself, there is a distinct difference between talking shit and this.

Prune friends, turn off the TV and radio more, train, mediate, spend more quality time alone.

Learn how to go in to know yourself, to discover life and who you are and what you can truly do.

Many live life constantly distracted and cajoled along the way.

Life flows more easily,, opens up, when you are in tuned with yourself as you express yourself in ways that would never be possible by not going in, by being distracted from your well of power.

This is to truly live, to discover, learn, constantly grow, and die infinitely full filled by this life long search and discovery.

We need not ever have to ask for permission first either or ever care what people thin, ever.