Rob’s Rant: Success Breeds Success.

I personal train an automobile dealership broker and have for over 2 years now, we have become good friends sharing stories, fellow entrepreneurs, the stories he shares with me are rich in life, and business lessons.

His stories are incredibly fascinating on the millionaire and billionaire people he deals with, how they live, act, and communicate.

I told Tim he needs to write a book when he retires.

Tim has taught me as I much as I have taught him these pasts several years, that is special and unique. Many entrepreneur and life lessons.

Success breads success.

He was talking to me this morning after our workout about a billionaire car dealer he sells dealerships for. This billionaire owns over 100 dealerships and is the most successful dealer in the nation, damn near world.

Tim says this man is 62 years old, VERY fit, tight, meticulously professionally dressed, and so are THOSE close to him, his right hand man and others, ALL very fit, ALL wear white shirts, ALL healthy and on point, Tim says seeing that and being around that is jolting, the tone it sets, the message it delivers on who they are and WHO you are dealing with.

Über successful people’s behaviors and character have always fascinated me, I love learning about them, hearing about them, and applying some of them in my own life.

Tim says this man is very private.

There is power in being private.

This man is VERY short and strictly to the point on the phone, in ALL his conversations.

His name is not on any of his dealerships, he gives profusely to charities without his name tied in, there are no press releases of his ultra successful entity.

Yet this is why he has become a billionaire from scratch, starting from nothing.

His rigid, strict, consistent behaviors, and character.

It’s not about $$ to him being a billionaire, the proof is in his actions and tight lip lifestyle.

The game & challenge is with himself, out doing himself, for where he came from to where he is. The stimulation and love of self discipline to keep going at the age he is.

It disgusts me on how some people, due to movies, media, the dummy box tv, hate the affluent, calling them dirty rich, selfish, greedy, yet it’s many of these people who if given a shit load of $$ , they lose it quickly, because of their lack of discipline, mindset, behaviors, and it’s right back in the hands again of those who make it, snap, crackle, and pop.

Some of the wealthiest are the most humane, spiritual in tuned, consistent philanthropists, because it is that what got them to where they are, and that’s them giving back in reflection of that.

Behaviors dictate all, with the mindset that drives that of course.

Success breeds success, quit hating on it and instead learn from it, the powerful lessons will only make you better and understand yourself better, which then makes your life better.

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