Rob’s Rant: Consumer Beware.

I gotta say this….

Tom Myslinski the head strength coach for the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars was in Westside Barbell this morning along with his assistants to pick Louie’s brain.

I have been at Westside since 08 and I always learn something new especially when visitors come with good questions and needs.

Especially when pro coaches who train million dollar athletes come.

Louie basically gave an invaluable hands on seminar this morning, well worth over 2k, fuck that, invaluable more like it.

Listening to a coach in Lou who has forgotten more than many coaches will ever learn from his MANY years in the gym working with elite athletes and lifters.

What a privlage for me to sit in on that listen and learn.

I have never taken this for granted the many visitors from around the world who have come to Westside over the years.

You know how much Tom & his crew paid for that?

ZERO… Nothing

Through 2005-2006 I wasted 10k in courses, seminars, travel costs to go to Canada to learn from a strength coach that was once considered the best in the industry and he tells me during a break when I asked him a question on a topic his was lecturing on “These breaks are for me” Then when I asked him for a reference when he said there were 7 deltoids “I’m a strength coach, not a librarian”

What a dick, I never forgot that for obvious reasons.

Waste of $$ and time on my part.

Yet Louie is the most real, generous, polite, knowledgeable gentleman whose brain you can pick with answers he takes his time articulating to you.

No short brief BS.

Be very careful on what and who you spend your $$ on.

The most real coaches are the most giving in their time and attention to you.

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