Real Talk!

This is written by Thomas Plummer. Brilliant as usualĀ from him.

Life is too short to hang out with idiots. One of the most common problems we encounter working with fitness professionals is that as they grow and progress their support group often fails them. You get a better job, a new certification or open another gym and think your posse or family will get all happy for you, but the reality is that often that group of friends will sometimes quietly work …against you. Your success is their failure in that now the pressure is on them to match that success and many people simply won’t grow and resent that you are changing and they can’t/won’t. The painful truth is that sometimes those you trust the most are the ones that sabotage that new job, new workout or new business. Preparing for success means you surround yourself with motivated people chasing life at full speed and that drive you to create and grow.


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