Jan 6 2014

Boxing Workout Tips: The Power Of Breathing.

My message to a few of my students tonight, if you don’t master how to breathe durining sparring & a fight it will always feel like you are out of shape.

Often it’s not about training that much harder….

Its learning how to breathe THAT much better.


Breather though your stomach for deeper fuller breathes that will increase rover and mental focus.

Jan 2 2014

SIXTH Annual Pilger-Cosgrove Boxing Awards.

Please comment if you think we left someone out or if you think someone doesn’t belong.

Fighter of the year

1. Adonis Stevenson
2. Guillermo Rigondeaux
3. Tim Bradley/Sergey Kovalev
1) Floyd Mayweather
2) Gennady Golovkin
3) Adonis Stevenson

Fight of the year

Pilger: & Cosgrove:
1) Bradley-Providnikov
2) Alvarado – Rios II
3) Kirkland – Tapia
4) Froch-Groves

Round of the Year

Pilger & Cosgrove:
1) Molina – Bey round 10
Not so many candidates for this one this year.

Upset of the year

1) Gonzalez – Mares
2) Thompson-Price
3) Maidana-Broner
4) Rigondeaux
5) Garcia-Matthyse

1) Maidana W Broner
2) Gonzalez – Mares
3) Garcia -Matthyse
4) Thompson – Price
5) Rigondeauz – Donaire

KO of the year ( I mean the devastating type of ko – not just a meaningful win)

1) Adonis Stevenson-Chad Dawson
2) Gennady Golovkin- Matthew Macklin
3) Mattyse-Dallas
4)Gennady Golovkin- Nobuhiro Ishida

1) Adonis Stevenson-Chad Dawson
2) Matthyse – Dallas
3) Golovkin – Macklin

Trainer of the Year

Pilger & Cosgrove: Robert Garcia

Referee of the Year

Pilger & Cosgrove:

1) Kenny Bayless
2) Jack Reiss (for Ward-Rodriguez fight)

Guy Rob despises award
And stilll……

1) Adrien Broner
2) Alex Ariza

Guy who hates Rob award

1) Enzo Calzaghe for the sixth straight year. He will never forgive me!