Jan 23 2014

Real Talk!

This is written by Thomas Plummer. Brilliant as usual from him.

Life is too short to hang out with idiots. One of the most common problems we encounter working with fitness professionals is that as they grow and progress their support group often fails them. You get a better job, a new certification or open another gym and think your posse or family will get all happy for you, but the reality is that often that group of friends will sometimes quietly work …against you. Your success is their failure in that now the pressure is on them to match that success and many people simply won’t grow and resent that you are changing and they can’t/won’t. The painful truth is that sometimes those you trust the most are the ones that sabotage that new job, new workout or new business. Preparing for success means you surround yourself with motivated people chasing life at full speed and that drive you to create and grow.


Jan 20 2014

We Build Youth From the Inside Out.

I was pulled aside by one of my students mothers tonight after training. She is a single mother, her son Issac has no father figure in life. She said I just want to thank you for what you have been doing for Issac. She said his grades are better and consistent, his morale is a 360 turn around, he helps her more around the house, and after workouts he is just more tranquil.

He was once very angry and disrespectful. He had no release for his energy and emotion. He is very respectful now Sherri says, you can see it in the gym that is for sure

Her friend that was with her said she is blown away by his appearance.

Isaac’s mother said being around alpha males is exactly what he needs. Since there is no male in his life at home.

And people think boxing gyms are brutal and barbaric smh…

I love listening to changes like this. We have several students in here with no father and they continue to change for the better.

The mothers say they love my gruff disciplinary approach, no nonsence, what so ever. That is the tone I set in the gym. No non sense, attitude, accountability, attention to detail.

Shit that isn’t emphasized anymore.

I have a lot of experience training youth like this, at risk youth, and kids from politically correct “good homes”.

They continue to teach me as much as I and my other coaches teach and shape them.

That’s the ultimate pleasure of being a coach, the internal change. Because for any external change to occur, it must first happen on the inside, and internal change happens from trust and respect.

The camaraderie that is built here, the team work, the friendship, with the many students and their different back grounds they have, makes our gym so unique and appreciated by our students.

I can see the change in their eyes and body language, I’m very firm with them, short, and to the point, and when they do their chores and cleaning tasks I have them do around the gym, they do them right with detail.

This is why I don’t train soccer moms, lol, and my gym isnt full of them! , my alpha coaching style and demeanor is meant for and brings out the best in others, the ones that really need it.

They continue to sign up here, and we continue to change them for the far better. Mentally, physically, and yes even spiritualy, and fight sport makes you more spiritual and in tuned with yourself.

Props to my coaches, they make this place what it is and I couldn’t it without them.

We do far more than get people in shape, changing lives is powerful and gratifying.

That’s what we strive to do at our gym, as nobody is just a face here.

Jan 13 2014

Rob’s Rant: Success Breeds Success.

I personal train an automobile dealership broker and have for over 2 years now, we have become good friends sharing stories, fellow entrepreneurs, the stories he shares with me are rich in life, and business lessons.

His stories are incredibly fascinating on the millionaire and billionaire people he deals with, how they live, act, and communicate.

I told Tim he needs to write a book when he retires.

Tim has taught me as I much as I have taught him these pasts several years, that is special and unique. Many entrepreneur and life lessons.

Success breads success.

He was talking to me this morning after our workout about a billionaire car dealer he sells dealerships for. This billionaire owns over 100 dealerships and is the most successful dealer in the nation, damn near world.

Tim says this man is 62 years old, VERY fit, tight, meticulously professionally dressed, and so are THOSE close to him, his right hand man and others, ALL very fit, ALL wear white shirts, ALL healthy and on point, Tim says seeing that and being around that is jolting, the tone it sets, the message it delivers on who they are and WHO you are dealing with.

Über successful people’s behaviors and character have always fascinated me, I love learning about them, hearing about them, and applying some of them in my own life.

Tim says this man is very private.

There is power in being private.

This man is VERY short and strictly to the point on the phone, in ALL his conversations.

His name is not on any of his dealerships, he gives profusely to charities without his name tied in, there are no press releases of his ultra successful entity.

Yet this is why he has become a billionaire from scratch, starting from nothing.

His rigid, strict, consistent behaviors, and character.

It’s not about $$ to him being a billionaire, the proof is in his actions and tight lip lifestyle.

The game & challenge is with himself, out doing himself, for where he came from to where he is. The stimulation and love of self discipline to keep going at the age he is.

It disgusts me on how some people, due to movies, media, the dummy box tv, hate the affluent, calling them dirty rich, selfish, greedy, yet it’s many of these people who if given a shit load of $$ , they lose it quickly, because of their lack of discipline, mindset, behaviors, and it’s right back in the hands again of those who make it, snap, crackle, and pop.

Some of the wealthiest are the most humane, spiritual in tuned, consistent philanthropists, because it is that what got them to where they are, and that’s them giving back in reflection of that.

Behaviors dictate all, with the mindset that drives that of course.

Success breeds success, quit hating on it and instead learn from it, the powerful lessons will only make you better and understand yourself better, which then makes your life better.

Please comment below with any of your thoughts on this topic.

Jan 9 2014

Rob’s Rant: Consumer Beware.

I gotta say this….

Tom Myslinski the head strength coach for the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars was in Westside Barbell this morning along with his assistants to pick Louie’s brain.

I have been at Westside since 08 and I always learn something new especially when visitors come with good questions and needs.

Especially when pro coaches who train million dollar athletes come.

Louie basically gave an invaluable hands on seminar this morning, well worth over 2k, fuck that, invaluable more like it.

Listening to a coach in Lou who has forgotten more than many coaches will ever learn from his MANY years in the gym working with elite athletes and lifters.

What a privlage for me to sit in on that listen and learn.

I have never taken this for granted the many visitors from around the world who have come to Westside over the years.

You know how much Tom & his crew paid for that?

ZERO… Nothing

Through 2005-2006 I wasted 10k in courses, seminars, travel costs to go to Canada to learn from a strength coach that was once considered the best in the industry and he tells me during a break when I asked him a question on a topic his was lecturing on “These breaks are for me” Then when I asked him for a reference when he said there were 7 deltoids “I’m a strength coach, not a librarian”

What a dick, I never forgot that for obvious reasons.

Waste of $$ and time on my part.

Yet Louie is the most real, generous, polite, knowledgeable gentleman whose brain you can pick with answers he takes his time articulating to you.

No short brief BS.

Be very careful on what and who you spend your $$ on.

The most real coaches are the most giving in their time and attention to you.