Dec 26 2013

Boxing Tips: The Straight Sets Up The Wide.

The straight sets up the wide…

Kirk Johnson was an underachiever, he could have been much more. Curtis Cokes did the best job with him as a trainer.

When Kirk was on, he could box off his toes well and had a very good jab and right hand that set up his left hook.

Look how he has Oleg froze in the 4th round not knowing what to expect, the perfect time to lead with a wide shot, a left hook in Johnsons’ case here.

It is foolish to come leaping in with hooks without setting them up first.

This was a fun heavyweight fight to watch. Oleg once knocked Rahman clean out of the ring in their fight, here Kirk Johnson knocks Oleg out of the ring in their fight.


Here is Oleg knocking Rahman out through the ropes, once, WHEN there were exciting heavyweight fights!

Dec 17 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: AND NEW- Broner Brought Down To Earth.


Last Saturday night Marcos Maidana shocked many by thoroughly beating Adrien Broner and winning a piece of the welterweight title in the process.

Marcos had a GREAT fight plan coming in. Smother, bang, and chop away at Broner, that aggression allowed him to drop Broner twice and it kept Broner fighting on his heels, off balance, and out of rhythm.

Broner should heart, courage, and the ability to come back in bits but he lacked the power and defense to keep Marcos off. Broner will have prob lems out welterweight because he stands in front of his opponents to much instead of boxing on his toes and using lateral movements along with angles.

IF Broner is too effectively fight at welterweight, he must improve his defense and boxing ability.

I don’t think we will ever see the Broner that dominated at lightweight at welterweight.

Welterweights are bigger, faster, and stronger.

This is a competitive division as well.

Adrien just needs to get back in the gym, retool himself, refocus, get disciplined, and better overall as a fighter to comeback even stronger. less than that, and the same will happen to him.

Marcos HAS improved with trainer Robert Garcia. he is still wild but that works to his advantage, he has developed a jab, some movement, and better defense. Just better over all skills and technique.

Maidana deserves and WILL get a big fight.

He is great for boxing and nust see TV.

With his work ethic and solid team. HE is gonna be a problem for any fighter at welterweight.

Yes, ANY fighter including you know who IF they fought.

Dec 13 2013

Extreme Boxing Condintioning Tip: Barbell Complexes.

Barbell complexes continue to be my favorite conditioning protocol to use.

Rings for instability, sand bags for off set loading, and kettle bells can be used too, along with just body weight

When done with the right intensity and intense effort, few if any workouts beat this.

Complexes are fucking nasty and they WORK.

Mental grit, lactic acid tolerance, extreme conditioning (when done right your heart is in your throat) even grip strength as you fatigue holding the bar with pulling exercises.

Its a huge mistake for fighters not to use these.

Men and women, have you hit a fat loss plataue?

Not anymore with barbell complexes.

I almost threw up again this morning at Westside and I’m in shape.

Any workout that feels like you are doing it for the first time with extreme challenge is one to do.

The metabolic effect and the anabolic hormonal release that floods your body while doing complexes is why your body composition changes so quickly.

Train smart, get more done in less time.

Now do work!

My workout from this morning.

1.Frint Squats
2.Push Press
3 Romanian Deadlift
4.Bentover Row
5. Push Ups on Barbell
6. Standing Jumps Knees to chest.

Load has to accommodate the volume and intensity of the exercises/circuits or its quasi complexes.

Dec 11 2013

Boxing Defense Tip: How Defense Feeds Offense.

Learn how to move your head with this excellent training tool made famous by Cus D Amato and Mike Tyson.

Your offense flows from your defense. Watch this clipo.

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