Rob’s Rant: Study The Old Greats For The Truth.

I shake my head and keep a strong distance from some of these Charlatans out there who claim to know secret boxing techniques that many trainers don’t teach.


There is NO secrets.

More has been forgotten about what real authentic boxing skill is. No damn secrets.

One need not be lazy and YouTube Joe Ganns, Charley Burley, and Ezzard Charles to name a few, and study their sick high boxing IQ.

All amazing boxing techninians who displayed the sweet science at its finest.

Sam Langford could do it all against heavyweights, the lighter fighters wouldn’t fight him he was that good, yet many have never heard of him.

Study the greats to see the truth, Toney, Tyson, did to much unique style that was never duplicated success.

Nothing new has been invented, just a whole hellava lot forgotten.

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