Nov 29 2013

Boxing Tips For Beginners: Foot Work-In Fighting-Film Study.

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Nov 26 2013

Boxing Workout Advice-How To Workout: Louie Simmons Discusses The Law Of Accommodation.

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Nov 21 2013

Rob’s Rant: Study The Old Greats For The Truth.

I shake my head and keep a strong distance from some of these Charlatans out there who claim to know secret boxing techniques that many trainers don’t teach.


There is NO secrets.

More has been forgotten about what real authentic boxing skill is. No damn secrets.

One need not be lazy and YouTube Joe Ganns, Charley Burley, and Ezzard Charles to name a few, and study their sick high boxing IQ.

All amazing boxing techninians who displayed the sweet science at its finest.

Sam Langford could do it all against heavyweights, the lighter fighters wouldn’t fight him he was that good, yet many have never heard of him.

Study the greats to see the truth, Toney, Tyson, did to much unique style that was never duplicated success.

Nothing new has been invented, just a whole hellava lot forgotten.

Nov 17 2013

Rob’s Rant: The Biggest Problem In Boxing Now, It’s Gotten Out Of Hand.

Man, I am sick and F***ING tired of hearing this weight issue crap in making weight.

Fighters trying to shrink down to where their bodies don’t want to go, and IF they do make the weight, that’s the win, it doesn’t come in the ring.

The fighter pays a huge long term price for this cutting weight shit. See Fernando Vargas, Ricky Hatton, Castillo, etc…

I would weigh them one hour before the fight. If they can’t make the weight, then it means they don’t belong in that weight class. PERIOD.

I will never do that to any of my fighters, cut that much weight for a delusional advantage that doesn’t exist because I understand the body and the aftermath suffered from doing something so dumb.

If a fighter wants to be a champion in a weight class, weigh that weight, don’t weigh it for a just the weigh in and blow back up. You do NOT belong in that weight class.

What is the problem of fighting a weight class higher of the weight class they are having massive problems shrinking down too? The fear? Boxing is about skill vs skill, not about making weight and hoping for the best in seeking an advantage of re-hydrating to a fighter that belongs in two divisions higher!

Fucking crusierweights trying to win super middleweight titles. COMMON!