Oct 31 2013

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Oct 21 2013

Rob’s Rant: Dealing With The Parents Of Fighters.

To all you dads who live through your sons, matching them soft, not taking tough fights, not fighting a certain fighter because you don’t want to lose to that coach, your idiotic notion that records matter in the amateurs and bragging about them, asking do I give out belts?, That right there REAALLY pisses me off, because I know when nobody is looking, you are wearing the damn thing at home, shadow boxing with it on..

Stop it…

Just because you blew your life and chances, don’t live through your kids robbing him or her of their own life experiences.

You are truly pathetic and disgust me….

Now go back to your glory days and looking at your senior yearbook.

Oct 15 2013

What It Is All About.

I wrote about this yesterday, success breeds success.

2013 National PAL 141lb Champion Dave Cradock with Bryant, Francisco, Jerron, John, and I after training today in preparation for their fights this Saturday night on our fight show, missing from this pic are Mike Goins, Holden, and Josh Fisher.

He makes everyone in the gym better and makes them hungrier to get their National Championship, he shows just how they can with hard work, focus, and pride in being the best they can by honing their skills.

We had two new signs ups tonight and the father of one of the youth told me the energy here is incredible, it makes me want to start working out now he said.


That’s what it’s about, everyone training Huber hard with the one shared goal of being nothing less than they can be while becoming a champion.

This is our mindset, atmosphere, and culture

Oct 9 2013

Boxing Training For Beginners – Use This In Your Boxing Workouts.

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