Sep 16 2013

Weeekend Wrap Up: School was In Session.

Floyd will retire undefeated and he is a very good fighter, I have never hated on his talent, I must would have liked to see his talent tested more over the years.

There is nobody out there who can beat him.

Floyd had a great amateur background and was well schooled with his style and he understands the essence of boxing well.

There is too many incomplete fighters out there, none will pose a threat.

I was a huge Mayweather admirer early on his career. Loved how his talent was once tested.

He schooled Canelo with ease, props to him. Nobody can touch Floyd till he retires.

I still like fighters like Andre Ward better though on how he takes the hard road with challengers. But I like Floyd’s style better and enjoy watching it more.

Canelo will be champion again but needs real trainers. This fight was win win for Canelo, Floyd certainly didn’t ruin him, Canelo got paid, exposed? Yes, but gained valuable experience in a loss where he did all he could with what he was taught and knew.

Nacho needs to train Canelo. If Canelo wants to take boxing serious, he needs to hire him.

What I DO highly respect and admire about Floyd is his work ethic, his clean lifestyle, how he truly respects the sport by staying in shape between fights, not blowing up in weight, eating and drinking like James Toney did. Like Hopkins, this has preserved him well. IF fighters want to be like Floyd, follow his disciplined example. Look beyond the damn shoulder roll.

Canelo will be champion quickly again there is no about. He will probably be matched Molina for a belt.

As I said yesterday, Canelo obviously needs a new trainer, I said roach, and while I do think Freddie would add to Canelo, I first stated Nacho as the trainer of choice.

I feel he is a perfect fit.

Canelo has all the physical tools, and he is strong. He needs to be saturated in skill and keen watchful eye teaching.

Look at how JM Marquez can fight on auto pilot at such an advanced age and long career of fighting the best in tough fights.

Canelo needs skills to match his physical gifts just as we saw what happened when Marquez’s got strong and fast and how that complimented his skill.

There is NO quick fix with Canelo, or one thing he needs.

This kid is just 23 with this whole career in front of him, he needs a long tenure with an experienced big fight trainer who has developed fighters from scratch.

Nacho, he molded Lopez, the Marquez brothers and he can do the same for Canelo.

Mitt work alone won’t clean Canelo up, he needs to learn how to fight, again, look at Marquez.

Canelo was NOT embarrassed last Saturday night, he was just schooled, given a great education.

He will never face such skills as Floyd has again, he can really grow from this but he needs a teacher to develop him.

In my opinion he CAN fight, now he must learn and master the science of it to dominate once Floyd retires, and take advantage of the void that will create, and be what he is promoted to be.

Sep 14 2013

Mayweather-Alvarez: My Prediction.

My prediction: Canelo 1st round KO…….

Hahah, seriously I see Floyd winning a majority decision of off pure experience. His reflexes, movement, and speed are like nothing Canelo has experienced, you simply cannot prepare for it.

With that said, this is not the mismatch I once thought it was. Canelo will bring the pressure, he will be BIG come fight night, he is UP for this fight, his power and BIG ring presence will wear on Floyd. He does have a higher boxing IQ than many give him. He will use his jab and his body attack will be key.

I don’t think Floyd can hurt Canelo. For one, he will NOT risk trading with him, standing in front of him, he will roll and counter with his right, but that will not be enough to stop Canelo.

It has been a LONG time since Floyd has faced a younger, fresh, confident, strong fighter, I think that will wear on him and surprise him too. i also think Canelo’s skill will surprise Floyd a bit.

If Canelo fought someone with a somewhat similar style to Floyd like maybe, not really but maybe, Ishe Smith, i would like his chances to win a lot better.

I wouldn’t be shocked if this was a draw.

There is much BIGGER $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in the rematch and you bet your ass there will be one.

Outside of Pacquiao, this is the closest Floyd will come to making the kind of $$$$ he would have made by fighting Pacquiao.

Fight the fight first, yes, but I think this is going to be a much better fight than people think.

Floyd by domination and blow out???? Stop it!!

Sep 11 2013

Boxing-Mma Training Tips: Louie Simmons Discusses Grip Strength.

Sep 10 2013

Film Study: De la Hoya Vs Mayweather. With Canelo’s Chances This Weekend.

I love how the late great Emmanuel Steward says in the 3rd round of this fight, “Oscar needs to stop thinking so much, because he”s playing right into Mayweather’s hands, when he lets his hands go he does very well”

That’s a huge piece of Floyd’s style, causing his opponent to over think, think period, hesitates, and doubt themselves, while he picks them apart.

Watch this fight. Oscar did a lot of good things in this fight. I will admit, this is only my second time watching this fight and you can see that Cotto studied it a lot before he fought Floyd Jr, particularly what to do when Floyd steps straight back onto the ropes trying to roll, slide, weave, and dip with punches.

I’m very curious to see how Canelo attacks Floyd’s body this coming Saturday night, landing the famed el gaucho body punch. How Floyd handles Canelo’s big ring presence.

Emmanuel Steward during the 3rd round, “He has to be more aggressive, continue to move in, throw punches whether he has a clear target or not, and when he finishes throwing punches, move forward anyway.”

You can’t head hunt for Floyd and get frustrated when his head isn’t there as it won’t be, it is when he jabs and pops his chin up, in the past, many fighters made the mistake when fighting Floyd not to beat on his shoulders, elbows, and arms, just beat on him, till there is an opening, from his bruising arms.

Canleo cannot be inconsistent taking time off during the rounds like he was against Trout and he gets embarrassed.

If he is to keep the fight close, heavy pressure, steady punches, and I love what Emmanuel said about moving forward when you are done punching, just don’t stand there.

Floyd is far from unbeatable.

Discipline, activity, and consistency are key to his style.

However, Canelo doesn’t look like he has all three.