Boxing Training Advice-Life Tip-Dedication & Passion Defined.

I have always loved and been devoted to boxing so much that I never went to high school prom, I fought in the Golden Glove Championships both my Junior and Senior year, I use to run home from parties to watch my idol James Toney fight on HBO, I ran home from the Summer Fest one year, back when the Fest was HUGE and was the big daddy fest of the summer to watch James Toney KO and stretch Prince Charles Williams.

Williams literally bent over as he fell to the canvas.

I quit jobs as a teenager that conflicted with my training.

Dumped girl friends over boxing.

Moved out of state twice for it.

I have spent A LOT of time studying fighters and fights.

This is why I’m a historian as well, and a damn good one, I may add.

Met my boxing idol James Toney, spent the day with him and told him how much I appreciated his skill and talent in his prime.

He was impressed with how much i knew about him and how exact I was.

Got to meet and debate my with boxing historian idol Bert Sugar earning his praise.

Both were NOT by chance either.

The universe rewards us for our toiling in our craft.

To be doing what I’m doing now is no fluke.

Owning a gym, selling a book, dvds, owning a paid online membership site, hosting successful fight shows, training amateur and soon to be pro champions.

Years of focus, sacrifice, passion, learning, listening, and growing released into what I do now, eating off my knowledge, this is ALL I do.

That is why I can spit knowledge at will once that camera is on.

Dedication and passion for the sport since I was 14 years old.

Years of accumulating learning.

It takes a lot to impress me today.

I can still get in the ring and do work.

I’m hard on quasi trainers and half ass training methods for a reason.

Many fighters disgust me with their lack of dedication as do many trainers.

Some of my fighters get me beat red in the face from frustration and disgust from their laziness and LACK of dedication.

As do some trainers disgust me with their BS.

You GET what you put in over the years.

We REAP what we sow.

What are YOU doing with your life?

What do you STILL want to do?


It all starts with REAL dedication and being possessed with passion for your craft.

Great things WILL happen and you truly GET what you DESERVE.

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