Aug 29 2013

In The Gym Training Notes: Don’t Fall Apart.

Gym notes from this morning: The truth comes out in sparring, as you fatigue tecnique can begin to crumble.

What a fighter does in bag and pad work appears in the ring, bad technique on the bags and pads, as in the ring.

Fighters who go through the motions during bag and pad work don’t get the precious oppurtunity to work on technique in a fatigue state. This is invaluable!

Try doing punch out intervals on the bag, then when totally exhausted, work the bag at a gradual pace just working on technique and defense, an enormous amount of energy and effort will be spent just trying to keep your hands up.

This will prevent a fighter from technically unfolding in the ring, technically falling a part.

The truth about a fighter appears in a fatigue state, their true experience is then revealed, their character shown naked in the ring.

To quote 3x heavyweight champion and cruiserweight champion Evander Holyfield.

“The fight starts when both men are tired”

Train to get comfortable managing fatigue, go to places you have never been in training so nothing suprises you in the ring and you maintain composure through immense fatigue.

Fighters who do this are true pros.

They have my sincere respect.

Train so nothing can surprise you, that you can fight fresh through fatigue, That’s the way we train, so nothing is foreign to us

Aug 26 2013

Boxing Training Tip: The Power Of Film Study.

It is a HUGE mistake not to study film of great technicians. A huge mistake.

If you are a boxing trainer and haven’t heard of Ezzard Charles and what he displayed and yet still teaches in his footage that forever leaves, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Trainers become THAT much better by studying the true greats.

No opinion, this is FACT.

Trainers that do not study do NOT take their craft serious, no, let me rephrase that, many don’t hone it to a craft, they don’t take the RESPONSIBILITY of teaching the true sweet science on boxing serious.


Watch this clip of Ezzard Charles, you will learn techniques that many coaches don’t even understand!!

Keep the bar raised high in boxing.

Trainers, study and hone your skills, fighters, fire cheerleader coaches and find hard to come by teachers, you fighters study the greats to master YOUR craft as well.

Soak in these truly brilliant words here…..

“Ezzard Charles was one of the greatest ring technicians that ever laced on a pair of gloves. His technique proceeded from his picture perfect posture and precise fundamental skills. Everything you do should be firmly rooted in principles. Do not train to become a compendium of maneuvers, but rather string together combinations of fundamental movements naturally as you progress.

This is the subtle brilliance of Ezzard Charles.” —Daði Ástþórsson

Aug 22 2013

Boxing Tip: How To Punch Hard, How To KO A Fighter.

Look at how Gerald McClellan followed through with his punches, punching through the target.

Nigel Benn who fought everyone including Gerald in their ill fated fight said this about The “G-Man”

“The gap between him and the rest, in terms of power, was huge. He was in a league of his own”

Look at how the bio mechanics of a fighter punching through the target is similar to a pitcher releasing a baseball, a tennis player following through with the racket, a fencer, similar, not exact of course, but similar bio mechanics.

I bring these other sports up because the follow through with them is as important as it is to a fighter when punching.

Gerald was called “The miniature Mike Tyson” for a reason, once that bell rang, he was in your ass.

He had a great left hook to the body too. I often talk with a coach from Monroe Michigan about Gerald when I see him, as this coach fought for the Kronk team for several years and saw many of Gerald’s sparring sessions up close.

Gerald would time his spatting partners right hand, slip it, then unleash that deadly left hook of his to their body.

The way he would dig into the body made that punch of his pulverizing, he would pivot his left foot, and just torque his hips, torso, and shoulders like a baseball slugger would, a golfer nailing a nice drive, just that smooth unison of the body, ( from the foot/ankle, hip, trunk, shoulder, arms, wrist that dug into the body).

It’s like listening to a beautiful piece of music, with all the notes flowing together, when hearing and seeing that punch delivered.

Anyone that has ever been hit by a right on the money body shot, knows they hurt far more than any shot to the head, good body shots freeze a fighter, they can’t breathe, and they can KO a fighter once unleashed, dropping them to the mat like a sack of potatoes.

Gerald’s attitude matched his punching power, RUTHLESS.

He was one of my favorite fighters of the 90’s.

Gerald didn’t pity pat the heavy bag or punch mitts.

He unmercifully punched through the target as you can see above.

Many trainers take a fighter’s natural power away from them by the way they teach them technique and work them on the mitts.

They make the fighter’s style match their attitude in their paddy cake pity pat all about the trainer sorry ass mitt routine, while taking the fighter’s best strengths away from them in the process, add to the fighter, don’t take away with your choreographed joke mitt routine.

Don’t be that trainer.

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Aug 20 2013

Boxing Training Tip: Cutting Distance & How To break A Fighter Down Without Throwing A Punch.

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