Jul 29 2013

Boxing Training Tip: Hand Placement.

Here is a very important brief tip for ya…..

Remember when punching/striking, for as fast as you throw a punch, you want to bring that punch back faster.

Bringing your punches back slow and low opens the window up big time for you to get caught hard.

Counter punchers feast on fighters that don’t adhere to this fundamental law.

Don’t get laid out. Focus on this. Be aware…

I drill this hard into my fighters and you all best be doing ot too!

Jul 28 2013

Ohio State Fair National Boxing Tournament Results.

2013 Ohio State Fair 178lb National Boxing Tournament Champion Brenden Clark and I.

He and Josh put on a great show of skill and banging hard.

Very very very close.

Their styles mesh well.

Very proud of them both and how they fight. I will say that again, on how they fight.

Josh is ready for the pros.

Brenden is ready for the Ringside World Boxing Championships Tournament in Kansas City next week.

Jul 26 2013

The Ohio State Fair National Boxing Tournament Update.

The Ohio State Fair National Boxing Tournament Update:

We went 2-2 last night., John lost a tough fight in only his second fight, he did a lot of good things in the ring, he is tough, gritty, cuts the ring off well, but needs to maintain his head movement, lateral movement, check punches more and punch in combos with his fast compact hands when in range, he’s short for 123lbs. I;m having him study Mike Tyson and Many Pacquiao, and Meldrick Taylor fights to improve faster.

Bryant lost a close fight at 14llbs, real close. He is improving by staying center ring, and using his height and reach but needs to mature more by checking punches more consistently and countering off that. His jab is developing too.

He just needs more experience to gel as an open fighter. I like how he is growing/developing though.

Mike Goins fights tonight in the semi finals at 152lbs.

Josh & Brandon fight in the 178lb. championship.

Francisco is there also unopposed.

Bottom line, I’m proud of my fighters, how they fight, their technique, and how they look.

NO slapping, patting punches and sloppy footwork.

I had several people and coaches come up and tell me they like how my fighters fight.

They fight hard and make our gym proud

Jul 25 2013

Hardcore GPP Training.

I set a new pr on the wheel farrow yesterday morning, this is 1330lbs

The wheel farrow is a great tool to build wicked work capacity, strength, endurance, stability, and mental toughness.

Think outside the box when training.

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