Jun 5 2013

Boxing Strength Training Q/A: How To Set Up Templates.

Rob, how do you lay out your team training sessions… as I want to push the strength training more. But have some old school mentality coaches that think everything should be high rep/low weight endurance. How many days you guys doing technical, and how many days strength? What’s the layout of the workout? Thanks, Jared

Our strength training template all depends on needs Jared. I use no more than 3 days per week for strength training, 2 max effort workouts an upper and lower and one speed day.

Speed day will depend on the current strength base of the fighter. If they are weak, they can do intro to plyometrics.

For jumps, just landings, for med ball throws just concentric throws until a strength base is built, then the stretch reflex can be introduced by using a fast eccentric followed by a fast concentric.

Keep in mind, the amortization phase cannot last longer than .15 seconds or all the elastic energy is lost.

When we have a lot of fights coming up, I like to use a 2 day split, so the fighters can recover, farther out from a fight, 3 days, really no need for four days.

So for the 2 days we will do a max effort upper and lower per week and add speed before that if needed. Always train, speed, power then strength.

Or if they have a strength base built we will alternate max effort upper and lower once per week and make the 2nd day a total body speed day combined with accessory exercises and corrective exercises along with core.

Again, it all depends on the needs of the fighter and far out from the fight they are.

Let me know if you need anything else Jared/strong>

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Jun 3 2013

Boxing Training Core Workout Tips: Rethink Abdomoinal Training.

There are a lot of ignorant egos in boxing, by ignorant I mean not choosing to learn and question better training methods and what they are doing.

Many boxing training core workouts do not enhance performance because they consist of limited range of motion core exercises off the floor generally in one plane of motion, the sagital plane.

Most injuries occur in the transverse then frontal, hmmmm, why is that??

Rotation core strength takes the back seat yet boxing is a rotational sport so rotational core strength and then core power must be developed.

Many coaches rarely train the core statically.

Planks that are progressed trump sit ups.

Planks that are progressed using external resistance are powerful.

Per Dr. Stuart McGill, sit ups trash & decay the low back.

Sorry fellas doing situp ups off the ring in extreme hyper extension isn’t hardcore, it can be pretty stupid anb can trash the spine.

Training the core statically, in anti rotational movements, then dynamically with resistance in multi planes is hard core and smart.

#Rethink core training.

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