Create Your Own Ring Identity.

The best advice I can give to any young fighter is to develop their own style and ring identity.

Take from the greats, your boxing idol, but mold that into your own style.

It was said Muhammad Ali once waited 4 hours outside the gym of former light heavyweight champion Willie Pastrano just to watch him shadow box in the ring and watch him move.

Ali ADORED Willie’s footwork. Willie had smooth, nimble, quick feet.

Ali had superb footwork.

Now you know why.

Willie was ironically trained by Angelo Dundee.

People don’t know that, for as great as Ali was, he took from other good and great fighters and molded it into his own never could be replicated style.

Ali also took from his idol Sugar Ray Robinson calling him the master.

Those who tried to be like Ali we never heard of for obvious reasons, they got KO’d.

Tyson took took from Dempsey, Marciano, etc…

James Toney took from Ezzard Charles, Jersey Joe Walcott, Archie Moore etc…

So don’t try to be Floyd, take from him, but mold what he does best into your own style.

This is how all the greats became great.

Taking from others and creating their own identity…

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