May 30 2013

Why We Have Mayweather Vs Alvarez

Mayweather-Alvarez makes perfect sense and was always an easy fight to make because…..

A. Bob Arum isn’t involved.

B. Floyd can quite his critics for awhile by feasting on a manufactured incomplete undefeated champion with a low boxing IQ, BUT in the public eye Canelo is a beast, and in the promoters eye a cash cow putting asses in the arena and in front of the TV buying pay per views, in this fight you have a PHd schooling an undergrad.

C. Alvarez will never make the amount of $$ he will make with Floyd before losing his precious 0. Outside Mayweather, where are the $$ fights for Canelo.

D. Floyd shouldn’t destroy Canelo so Canelo can walk away with a mega payday and experience against a fighter with skills light years from his.

E. IF this fight is competitive, the rematch will make both of these fighters uber rich not would have been Pacquiao-Mayweather mega mega mega uber rich, but uber rich.

F. This is an easy $$ transaction fight to make, this is the business face of boxing shaking hands and smiling with the amount of $$ that is going to be made across the board, gate, pay per view, sponsorships, etc…

Easy no brainer fight to make.

May 28 2013

In The Gym Training Notes: Teaching A Fighter How To Fight.

Do not forget, there is a huge difference between a trainer teaching a fighter how to throw punches & how to fight. Just as in a fighter knowing how to throw pretty punches & knowing how to take advantage of & defend against certain techniques/situations in the ring.

Being able to adapt offensively/defensively is ring maturity and speaks volumes on the fighters IQ.

I was hard on a couple of my fighters tonight about this, where they know how to fight but didn’t display what they know, it starts with them, NO conditioning, NO mitt work will prep them better.

Better sparring with more experienced fighters can in time.

That’s why I like getting in the ring with them, to teach them and show them where they are.

A fighter can look pretty on the mitts in the gym and like a beast on the bag, that doesn’t mean jack shit though.

There often is a missing ingredient…

It’s ring maturity and it’s cured within their mind along with quality sparring.

May 21 2013

Boxing Training Tips: The Importance Of Strength.

Strength matters, always has always will.

Think of being weak as a long cold winter, and how that makes you feel. Physical, mentally, etc..

Think of late spring and early summer as developing max strength and the late summer sun as having a max strength base.

How does late spring, early summer, and the late summer sun make you feel compared to that long cold winter? Obviously you know and feel the stark contrast between the two.

This is the feeling of possessing strength compared to a weak body and under developed nervous system.

When an athlete is strong, everything improves and can fall into place in spp training (skill)

Mentally the athletes grow in profound ways.

To say strength doesn’t help all and everyone is different is like saying speed doesn’t improve all and everyone is different.

Does speed matter?

Does speed often decide who the winner and loser is?

Does speed leave your competition in the dust and clueless?

So get strong.

Enlightened coaches know this truth through education & experience.

Everyone IS different, yes! So the Law of Individuality is applied by experience coaches to address this.

So, individual differences are addressed. What’s the problem then?

Or are some coaches trying to create one out of their sheer ignorance of failing to understand this?

It’s amazing what education and experience allow a coach to do for a fighter.

To break away from the pack and clueless herd

Strength matters, always will, lack of strength limits, always will. This is a physiological law.

For those of you coaches who think strength and lean muscle mass do not matter, go lie in bed for 3 weeks and do nothing, eat of course but lie there.

Then get up and try to function in a deteriorated weak body. You won’t function like you wish.

This is similar to shrinking and starving fighters down and expecting them to perform optimally. In a weak deprived state lacking strength and lean muscle mass.

Where is the rational to support that? Think before you speak.

Strength matters, always has, always will.

If you disagree, you are entitled to that. However, please explain & support why, while making complete sense with your comments.

That is all….

May 16 2013

Westside For Fighters.

Here is a clip I did with Louie at our old gym about 3 years ago on gpp & spp training for fighters. Enjoy and comment below with any questions or comments.