Apr 29 2013

Boxing Training Tip: Heavy Bag Interval Punching Routines.

Good day Rob. I live in Toronto. Been watching a lot of your videos and youtube instruction. Nice stuff. Many compliments!
I train at a local gym and now its fitness only(boxing), and I teach classes in spare time with minimal technical and cardio heavy 75mins. As I’m now 41 the sparring doesn’t happen too much anymore with me. Could you pass on a couple of quick bag circuits that will be VERY challenging. I hope to incorporate some changes. I have used your 20 second partner on/off drill at the end of my workouts for a few months. They love it! Its great to send them out the door with.

Anyway, you a busy man so keep writing/training and know that I enjoy the boxing tutorials immensely. I’ve got time for a guy in Liverpool on YOUTUBE called”myboxingcoach”, and also a guy in Toronto who goes by name of TripleVVV on youtube and of course…yourself. Out of all the stuff on there….3 guys who seem to know what they’re talking about. A lot of garbage out there.
Have a great day Rob. Thank you for your time. I hope you realize that it inspires many when you come across videos like yours because I know the amount of time it takes to do it….and do it well.

Oh yeah….and Kenny Weldon…awesome too.

Thanks for the words Gary! Glad to hear my work is helping you. Kenny Weldon is very good yes.

Try 30 sec on punching 1-2’s, 30 sec off jumping jacks for a 3 min round. This is hard!

Try 30 sec on straight 1-2 punches, then 30 off, followed by 30 on with hooks. go back and forth for 3 min round.

Try 30 sec on of punching followed by 30 seconds of mountain climbers. Hardcore!

Try 15 seconds on, 15 seconds off mixing between 1-2 punches and hooks.

Try 30 secs of 1-2 pounches followed by 30 sec of jump squats. Insane!

These will keep you busy and kick your ass!

Please let me know if you need anything else or have any other questions. Thank you again for watching my youtube videos and supporting my work Gary.

Apr 22 2013

Boxing GPP Workout: Wheel Farrow Walk.

The wheel farrow is great for building strength, conditioning , and work capacity. I’m walking with 1200lbs here. This is a max effort movement. You can also use lighter weight for conditioning. This is a great old school training tool to have in your tool box.

Apr 15 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: Masterpiece Performance.

Guillermo Rigondeaux totally shut out and dominated Nonito Donaire last Saturday night. Fuck what those judged scored it, it wasn’t that close. Rigondeaux shut Nonito down!

Here are some of my quick takes from the fight.

— Looking back on Rigondeaux-Donaire, I had Rigon winning 117-110, How can anyone give Donaaire more than two rounds int hat fight? Please enlighten me.

Rigon, took away and shut down what Donaire does best, he made Nonito fight his fight, Rigon was the ring general that night, running or boxing excessively, so what, he made Nonito look oridnary and one dimensional.

Donaire is still a very good fighter, but not against a master technician & defensive genius like Rigondeaux.

—- I was impressed with how Rogon traded with Nonito in the first round, IN THE POCKET and making Nonito miss while Rigon was under his heavy fire, once he fired right back with his own power that round, that set the tone for the fight, Nonito was hesitant with Rigon right in front of him, a boxing genius caused an aggressive power puncher to doubt himself and hesitate. Everything that Nonito did best and was known for was taken away.

—- People cheer Gatti-ward type fights which isn’t boxing, it’s brawling, then they boo geniuses like Whitaker & Rigondeaux for displaying what boxing really is about. Purist applaud, learn, take notes, and appreciate these performances.

Apr 9 2013

Boxing Strength | Power| Conditioning Training Exercise.

You don’t have to lift weights to get strong. 18 yr old Bryant Robinson at a body weight of 138 lbs. pulling a sled loaded with six 45lb weight plates equaling 270lbs., while wearing two 10lb. ankle weights and an 80lb weight vest.

He also did fat grip chin ups with a 45lb plate hanging from him.

He is very strong for his weight, that is relative strength by definition.

Bryant can fight too, clever, smooth boxer, natural ability, rhythm/movement, fast accurate hands with power. About to unleash him at these national tournaments.

If you want to do great things in the ring, first do them in the gym.