Throw Back Friday Edition: Joe Gans

Joe Gans 131 wins (88 KOs) 9 losses and 13

Before Jack Johnson, there was Joe Gans….

” The Old Master ” Joe Gans 131 wins (88 KOs) 9 losses and 13 draws was a sensational fighter. He was lightweight champion of the world form 1902-1908. He was well ahead of his time and the same could be said of him today if he fought in today’s age of incomplete fighters.

He WAS the definition of a complete fighter. Amazingly fast while equally deadly with his heavy hands. He was a viscous body puncher, clever counter puncher, slick with his feet & hands while punching in on unique angles.

Many historians consider Gans the best ever at evading/blocking punches. His heavy and pin point combos allowed him to stop opponents almost at will.

Pretty hefty praise for Joe huh? Well consider what these boxing legends said about Gans.

Jack Johnson in regards to Gan’s footwork… (Ring 1941, 16), “Joe moved around like he was on wheels.”

Bob Fitzsimmons… “Gans is the cleverest fighter, big or little that ever put on the gloves. He is also a hard hitter. He uses one hand as equally well as the other and can score a knockout with either”, Seattle Times, Sep. 2, 1906.

So those that think Floyd Jr is one of the best ever, or the unproven Broner is a boxing genius, Think again. Watching Joe Gans makes today’s so called great fighters ordinary.

Now see for yourself ” The Old Master ” at work.

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