Mar 14 2013

Boxing Training Tip: How To Hide Your Chin.

Too many fighters make the mistake of keeping their chin exposed, actually popping it up. The late great trainer of James Toney Bill Miller said, that’s your light switch, you don’t want anyone turning off the lights! Damn right! That is a HUGE red flag! Watch this video tutorial to learn how to use a simple tool to hide your chin.

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Mar 11 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: And Yet Again, NEEEEEW Light Heavyweight Champion Of The World.

New IBF light heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins broke his previous record of being the oldest fighter to ever win a world title. Bernard at 48, did it again last Saturday night.

It wasn’t a pretty fight, Bernard, wrestled and held but mostly used feints and lead rights to keep Cloud in check while off balance. Cloud had NO answer. It was pathetic that Cloud could not adjust. This is proof on how many badly under developed fighters there are today. Who know what will happen to Cloud, who really gives a shit. He needs to learn the craft.

Bernard will always be one step ahead, really two steps skill wise against these younger fighters save Andre ward Andre Chad Dawson. Bernard is having a blast displaying true boxing skill, strategy, and executing a solid fight plan. He simply knows more and can do more than most of these young underdeveloped fighters today. Bernard minus youth, IS the total package. Enjoy him while you can. He’s a living legend and we are privileged to witness him perform his craft.

Mar 4 2013

Boxing Training Q/A: Punching Stance.

Hey Rob, i would like to ask something.i recently got jumped by some guys right, me and my friend. i myself am a ex-boxer so i was able to hold my own against the punks who jumped us. see, but there was one moment that a certain one of them cornered me and tried to knock me out with a fury of punches. i was able to grab him and reverse the situation and do the same to him but i couldn’t do it. i tried to throw punches on him while cornered and tried to do it fast but my stance kept messing me up.

in other words, if i have someone cornered and i wanna just demolish him with a shitload of punches, what should my stance be for me to be able to throw all those punches?

Eddie, ideally you want a shoulder width stance or slightly wider. You want a nice base to punch off of and for balance. If you have too narrow of a stance you will loose your balance and you will not be able to turn your punches over or drive through from the ground.

Punching power comes from the ground up. That’s why punching stance/base make or breaks your punching power. So while you are unleashing and ripping combos on that sucker you are digging into the ground with your solid stance. This is what good trainers call setting down on your punches.

It’s a crazy world out there Eddie, be careful! Please let me know if you need anything else.