Boxing Strength Training Tip.

This is our new 80lb weight vest. Weight vest are great tools to use in your training as you can use them virtually with any exercises. We like to use weight vests with s;ed drags, pulls, and lateral pulls. We like to use it with the push/pull sled.

You can use it with the wheel farrow and farmer walks. Battling ropes, or any type of strength exercise like chin ups and pull ups.

A great benerfit of using it is learning how to breathe and recover when it’s wrapped around your body. It SUCKS having this on when you are out of breathe. But as in a fight, after a hard round that has you gassed and uncomfortable as you try and recover, the vest can help you in this aspect.

This vest is adjustable, start off with a smaller one according to your strength levels. A bigger one that is adjustable works too. Just start using weight vests in your training!

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