Boxing Training Q/A: Muscle Memory & Functional Hypertrophy.

Hey Rob, during the summer I was bodybuilding and taking creatine and all that I went from 89 to 107 pounds I now realize that was the wrong thing to do I want to bring my weight back down now I’m worried that any weight training I’ll be doing will bring that kind of muscle back because I’ve heard of muscle memory so would it be possible to change that bodybuilding type of muscle to muscle for boxing or will that muscle always be there kind of? Thanks, Marta Flores.

Marta, you blew up in weight like that because creatine is a muscle cell volumizer and retains a lot of water. in fact some people think they are loosing size when they cycle off creatine because they loose their size when in fact it’s the water weight that’s the cause.

When using gpp methods (strength training), your needs/weaknesses determine the training means you use in your training. Are you weak? Then get strong. Are you strong but slow? Then get fast. Are you trying to rise to a bigger weight class? Then use functional hypertrophy (myofibril hypertrophy) exercise variables. Ex. reps between 6-8. Not sacroplasmic hypertrophy using reps of 10-15.

The nervous system is key in improving special strengths that you will need to better your boxing performance. Don’t think muscle memory, think CNS, the nervous system is what send the juice to the muscles. That is key.

Most fighters need to develop a max strength base so start there. Your current training age will determine the exercise variables to use. If you have limited experience with strength training, you can make increases in strength using 6-8 reps. As your training age grows, you will need to train within the 3-5rm bracket.

Search my archives here within my blog. I have several training templates you can use. Remember, if you train like a body builder you will look and function like one. Gpp training is training as an athlete. Without knowing your current needs I can give you no more advice, but the advice I just gave you will help you get started in the right direction. Please let me know if you need anything else Marta.

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